Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend wrap up.

Sporting my (super casual) Mizzou black and gold. 
The pups are such snuggle bunnies. 
Yum, yum vegan brownies!

This Saturday gave us the perfect little taste of fall 2012.
We watched USC get through a weather delay and win their game.
We watched Mizzou make their SEC debut (not so hot, unfortunately).
We devoured a few bowls of spicy chili (our absolute favorite)
and I whipped up a tasty new recipe for vegan brownies.
It was a little bit of old, a little bit of new and a lot of excitement
for our first fall in California.
I can't wait for (ever so slightly) cooler temperatures,
over-sized sweaters and new boots,
salted caramel mochas and soups slow-cooking in our crock-pot.
And I'd better find at least one tree with pretty fall leaves.
At least.


  1. Awww this vegan brownie looks so yummy!!

  2. Fall in California can be beautiful. If for no other reason than that the weather is always amazing.

  3. looks like it was a fun weekend, lots of football over here too :) and i love fall in california, not as drastic as some places, as the sun can still warm you up, but that's why i love it...and the sunsets..those, too!

  4. Your first fall in California?!?! Aw, have fun! It's definitely much warmer than most, but still so beautiful :)

  5. cute cute tie dye! love!! wish it were orange and blue though :)

  6. It was so hot this past weekend, but then this morning &'s like Fall out. I'm a Summer girl, but I guess I'm kinda ready to get into those boots :)

  7. I want to find leaves too but kind of difficult in Florida!! :(

  8. first fall in CA? wait until nov don't bring out the boots or the scarves or the sweaters yet wait wait and just when you don't think you can wait some more you will have to :-)


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