Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The ghost in our apartment.

We have a ghost.
A shiny, multi-colored, Happy Birthday-wishing ghost.
He's been floating around our apartment since Yoshi's birthday waaaay back in June,
spending most of his time haunting a corner of our bedroom. 
Every so often he'll consider escaping out the open balcony door,
but he always turns back around. What can I say? We have a pretty sweet pad. 
I wouldn't want to leave either.
But no matter what happens, he just won't die. 
And we don't have the heart to kill him,
even after he managed to get stuck in the box fan.
We found him flapping around helplessly, making his stupid balloon-ghost noises,
and I was ready to punch him in his shiny balloon face until he could haunt no more,
but Ryan pleaded, a compromise was made and so the balloon-ghost's life was spared.
He now resides in our hall closet, 
haunting the laundry detergent and 
the Christmas wrapping paper I got on sale last January,
deflating a tiny bit more each day until he finally goes flat as a pancake.
I feel relatively confident that he's the oldest balloon-ghost in the world.
Maybe the only balloon-ghost in the world.


  1. You are funny :) we actually had a balloon ghost floating around since May and we finally set it free a couple of weeks ago. It still had enough helium, lol!

  2. hahah oh my gosh this is the first post I read this morning so funny great writing :)
    Have a great day

  3. hahaha we had a balloon ghost in our newly wed apartment, too! I totally forgot about that. It was after my (first married woman) birthday, and we kept it around for a few weeks. ;)


  4. I have 4 balloon ghosts in my apartment from John's going away party back in April. Bristol loves them & I just don't have the heart to take them away from her :]

  5. I tend to hang on to stuff like these...funny how if you didn't want it to pop...it would.

  6. i think i have balloons from like 2006 being ghosty around my apartment somewhere. i should look into it.

  7. haha this is the cutest post ever! I love it. I'm a new follower, and just adore your blog :)


  8. I love that neither of you are "mean" enough to "kill" the balloon.


  9. haha this post is just so adorable and cute.


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