Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eight years.

Eight years of hugs and kisses. Eight years of spontaneous ice cream runs. Eight years of cuddling-on-the-couch movie nights. Eight years of annoying text messages while Ryan's at work. Eight years of long walks (around town, on the beach, in the mountains - hey, I'll walk anywhere). Eight years of thinking of him first thing in the morning when I wake up. Eight years of trying to keep his Christmas present a secret. Eight years of basically nothing but Mexican food date nights. Eight years of discovering new things about each other. Eight years of learning new things about ourselves. Eight years of him putting up with my mood swings, my projects, my crazy ideas. Eight years of traveling - near and far. Eight years of growing up together.

And eight years of knowing I have the greatest guy in the world.

(Also...that HAIR.)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sick days.

There is truly no benefit to being sick as an adult. No classes to skip and no one to bring you hot soup and magazines while you lay on the couch and cough your lungs out. Just lots of housework and exercise and cooking and emails to get astronomically behind on.

I haven't been confined-to-the-couch sick in ages, but last week an unfortunate brand of flu or cold hit me hard. First it was the grogginess and that telltale sore throat first thing in the morning (doesn't sickness always seem to begin with that damned sore throat?) and the next thing I knew, I found myself vegging out on the couch for hours and hours at a time, just me, the puppies and a Harry Potter movie marathon. Also, hot beverages. Loads and loads of hot beverages.

And one very sweet husband who picked up soup on the way home, who made me special mac and cheese and my mom's peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, who delivered breakfast in bed and who I may or may not have transferred my icky illness to. Oops.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This weekend, we became real homeowners. I know, I know, I keep saying that. But this time, I'm serious (until next time, when I'm REALLY serious).

Why, you ask? This weekend, we experienced our very first, "Oh, $*^#" house moment.

I was walking through the garage, performing the (extremely glamorous) task of transporting dog poop to the dumpster, when I noticed that a good four foot square chunk of the garage floor was wet. And the garage door was dripping. And I knew for a fact that it wasn't because I'd overflowed the washing machine by shoving a ridiculously enormous stuffed animal into it (been there, done that). I glanced up and BOOM. A leaking pipe. One tiny drip at a time, it was slowly soaking the floor.

Well. Surely that's problematic. I called Ryan down to the garage and my suspicions were confirmed - yep, that definitely wasn't supposed to be happening. And, obviously, this leak that wasn't supposed to be happening was happening at 5:30pm on a Friday, when we were a full 48 hours away from being able to reach a plumber of the non-emergency variety.

And so, we handled the situation in a very adult manner - by putting a 50 gallon trashcan under the pipe and forgetting about it (the forgetting about it part isn't entirely true - when the leak started to gain momentum, I did wake up at 3am on Monday morning with the intense need to check the trashcan and ensure it wasn't overflowing everywhere).

Firs thing Monday morning, we called a plumber. #adultlife

Boots, Target. Tank, PacSun. Sweater, SheInside.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A peek inside our living space.

I have a mad addiction to throw pillows. I swear, I can't contain myself. It doesn't even matter that the moment I have them all artfully arranged on the couch, I know Ryan will toss them haphazardly onto the floor so he can sprawl without them getting in his way - I'll buy them by the armful anyway.

The very best part of moving into a new place is redecorating. I'm convinced that I could adore being an interior designer (this is the part where the real interior designers scoff because who am I kidding, I'm no designer). After some extensive brainstorming and some even more extensive online shopping and a trip to Target where I basically cleaned out the entire home decor aisle and Ryan grounded me from visiting Target again for an indefinite amount of time, I've finally got our living and dining rooms to a stage where they're totally functional. And presentable, save for a few little finishing touches I'm waiting to come across (you know, those things you aren't aware you needed until you find them and they just call out to you).

Like a true perfectionist, I'm hesitant to show off the final product until it's ALL there - but here are some bits and pieces to tide you over until then.

Pillows (L-R): From Ikea, H&M and Pier 1.
Serving tray from Target; placemats from Walmart.
Sheepskin and chalkboard from Ikea; Tub chair from World Market.
Pouf from World Market; sheepskin rug from Costco. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin puppy and other Halloween goodness.

I'm just going to go on record here saying that your mid-twenties must be the most difficult time to dress for Halloween (first world problems, right?). College is all about throwing on a skirt and a furry pair of ears and calling yourself a sexy "insert-random-creature-here. And once you have a little one, no one cares about your costume as long as your little bundle is dressed as an adorable little pumpkin or  princess, right? But, OH, your mid-twenties - you're expected to be witty and original and current. I mean, it's kinda of a lot of pressure.

This year, after careful thought, I came up with a costume for us that was both extremely hilarious (my horn? I'm tooting it here) AND required no purchases whatsoever (cha-ching!). Yes, the sweater, earrings and velvet pants all came out of my closet, and yes, I honestly do wear them. But never together. Never.

So, my friends, BEHOLD: Us, as the "awkward family photo". It's okay if you want to print your own copy to hang above your mantle. I totally wouldn't blame you.

And because the above photos are too much creepy for one post, I leave you with the more adorable half of our family Halloween. Just look at those squeezable faces!

Monday, October 28, 2013

And on Saturdays, we wear hard hats.

Sweater: H&M; Shorts: Korner Kloset; Shoes: Minnetonka; Necklace: Forever 21. 

You know you're a big kid when the largest portion of your Saturday morning consists not of sleeping in, munching multicolored cereal or watching cartoons in your PJs, but instead you spend it wandering Home Depot, agonizing over which screws best match the 20874 pounds of black steel piping you plan to purchase. For three hours. THREE. I mean, things are truly rough when you have to take a coffee break in the middle of your home improvement shopping trip. 

But rest assured, my friends - it almost looks like a real home over here. Also, you can rest assured knowing that I absolutely did not wear this outfit to Home Depot. That's what sweatpants were made for, of course. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fur & flannel wedding inspiration.

For three weeks in September I was in Missouri to shoot a few weddings and a load of babies, families and couples. There are few things I love more than fall in the Midwest, and all summer long I was dreaming up an amazing fall wedding inspiration shoot I wanted to create while I was there.

Rural Missouri isn't exactly bursting with wedding professionals, so everything was DIY but I could not have asked for better results. Seriously, I'm madly in love with the way this shoot turned out. It makes me feel all warm and cozy. And it makes me crave salted caramel mochas.

Please drop by and leave a comment on the shoot, if you have the time!