Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Missing Missouri.

What I wore: Skirt, Gap. Bandeau, American Eagle. Tank, PacSun. 

As of today we've been in Los Angeles for 9 months and it seems almost unfathomable 
that we've been away for so long. When we made the decision to move 
I knew that there would be things we'd miss,
and it seems to just now be sinking in.
We're here permanently. We're not vacationing. There is no deadline. 
We live here, 
1,762 miles away from the place we called home for 22 years. 
And it's a little bit weird, to say the least.
When Ryan accepted his position here, we were elated.
Moving to California was our dream, so of course we couldn't wait 
to trade in Missouri ice storms and blizzards for sunny California beaches,
and the slower pace of the Midwest for a city with more 
restaurants alone than we could visit in our lifetimes. 
And as soon as we arrived, we fell head over heels for our new home.
And we still love it.
But now that our summer of visitors has ended and we've begun
to settle into a routine here, the nostalgia is starting to emerge.
I miss being able to hop in my car and drive 45 minutes to see our families.
I miss lazy Sunday afternoons doing laundry with the boys.
I miss tailgating with our friends on the beer pong table I hand-painted.
I miss the feel of early fall in Missouri, when the leaves start to change
and Andy's brings back their pumpkin pie concrete.
GAH, I miss that frozen custard. 
But I knew these feelings were coming.
And I know that, with time, they'll become less poignant and more manageable. 
Sometimes change is hard...even when it's a change you asked for. 


  1. Aw, being away from home is hard! Even if it was what your wanted!

    Hugs! Are you guys going home for the holidays?


  2. Love that last line about change being hard...even if you asked for it. It's always hard.

  3. Being away from home is always hard. We were so homesick when we moved away, but it does get easier. It also makes you appreciate your family more when you do get to see them!

  4. its been 10 months since we moved and i miss california something fierce this month. i think it has to do with all things fall. san francisco is gorgeous around this time.

  5. I know exactly how you feel. We moved to Seattle about a year and a half ago and I miss California so much. I miss our families and the sun and just...home. Seattle will never really feel like home.

  6. I move every four years. I alternate between missing "home" (Cape Cod) and wherever we lived last. Exploring somewhere new is fun, but nothing beats home.

  7. Missing home can be the hardest thing. It helps that you like where you are at, too. Where ever you started out, that will always be home, no matter what. But the definition of home can expand, and it will, with time.

  8. Aw, moving away from home is hard. And sometimes California isn't the friendliest...I'm sure your home is just beautiful, and I hope you get the chance to go visit again soon :) For now, it's just a sweet adventure with your husband :)

  9. Aw, moving away from home is hard. And sometimes California isn't the friendliest...I'm sure your home is just beautiful, and I hope you get the chance to go visit again soon :) For now, it's just a sweet adventure with your husband :)

  10. I definitely understand.

    We've been living in North Carolina for 8 months now and just recently I've begun really missing California.

    We're living in a tiny town with nothing to do.. the closest shopping (besides Wal Mart and the grocery store) is an hour away and I miss being able to hop in the car for 10 minutes and having SOO much to do. Plus we have zero family in NC and that really sucks.

    The summer in NC wasn't anything near as great as our CA summers.. I'm really hoping that Fall can deliver and give us some sort of fun.

  11. I moved to NYC over 6 months ago and I still miss home every day--even though I consider my apartment here "home" too. There's just something about places that grab our hearts!

    The Glossy Life

  12. I've been in Manhattan for 2.5 years and I still do the same thing. I think we'll do that even after 20 years. There's no place like home and it's perfectly okay to miss it. It's that much more exciting to go back!

  13. You are BEAUTIFUL girl, and I'm obsessing over your hair! I know what it's like to make a big move like that - moved from CT all the way to UT when I was 18 and had the worst case of culture shock. 7 years later and I still miss home, but I know that the "feeling of home" is something that develops over time. I would miss my beer pong table too if I had one!

    New follower here!


  14. Missouri misses you! I miss Columbia in the fall, the atmosphere of Columbia on a game day, friday night dinners, pumpkin pie, black and gold, walks with you and yoshi, and so much more. I'm only 3 hours away, but I feel as if fall is the time when I miss "home" the most.

  15. Just FYI, the concrete is not back yet. Want me to mail you some when it is?

  16. Change is hard and I will always miss my life and family back home, but eventually you start to make new memories in your new home and everything will fall into place. :)

  17. It is nice to go out and be brave while we are young... and you will always have your roots in Missouri! And yes, frozen concretes are the!

  18. First of all : I love your outfit.
    Then, I totally understand how you feel. A large part of my friends moved in other cities or countries. And I also moved to Paris several years ago... thus it makes it hard to feel like a huge friendily (family of friends) when we are not able to see each other as often as I'd like...


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