Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our lounge-tastic weekend.

1. The face. The reason for our lounge-tastic, indoor weekend. This is just a tiny sample of how nasty and red it is. 
2. Being stuck inside allowed me the entire afternoon on Friday to dedicate to my novel. I'm absolutely terrible at titling anything I write and this is the ONLY case where the title came to me immediately. I knew the title ("Golden") before I was even a few pages into the story. 
3. Bad daddy.  
4. Biscuit pizzas for dinner! Our palates are so refined.
5. We've determined he's not a dog, just an extra hairy baby human. 
P.S. I bathed him this weekend, which is to be noted because it sure doesn't happen often.
6. My tootsies are ready for Spring
7. Ryan went out and got me my weekly fix of Coffee Bean on Saturday morning. He also made the weekly grocery shopping trip solo while I was sequestered in the apartment. These are just two of the reasons I love him this weekend (though I fear this means I owe him now...)
8. They've dubbed our new couch the "dude couch". Which is just fine with me because it means I get the entirety of the big couch to myself. Yessss. 

P.S. The "recipe" for biscuit pizzas isn't noteworthy...but below is the spicy chili recipe I neglected to post from a week or so back. 
You're welcome!


  1. what a sweet pug boy you have! i am in love with that cutie!

  2. Sounds like it was a pretty great weekend if you ask me :) If you don't mind my asking, what did you have done with your face?


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