Thursday, March 29, 2012

A (long awaited) tour of our apartment.

It's been almost three months since we moved, 
and I still haven't posted pictures of our place.
I had big DIY design ideas for our new apartment and I wanted to wait until
I'd finished allllll of the little details before I took photos...
but the details are taking me awhile to finish (remember this stupid pillow cover?)
and if I wait until they're all done, I probably won't get to show you our place 
until we're moving into a different one. 
(Another reason to take pictures now is that we had friends stop by the other day, so I CLEANED, which Ryan can attest is a rare, rare thing). 
Let's begin the tour. 
So, you've just walked in the front door. Look straight ahead and this is what you see. Our dining "room". Eventually, that vase full of coffee beans will be topped with a lovely bouquet of homemade paper flowers, made from the pages of old books. For now, you'll just have to imagine it.
Still standing in the doorway, you look to your right and BAM...the living room. Some day, we'll have an extra lamp over in the corner, since there's no overhead lighting in the living room 
(which still weirds me out). 
P.S. Yoshi's such an attention hog, making sure he's featured in the tour. 
Walking toward the kitchen, we'll stop at our entryway cabinet thing. 
This is where we hang our keys. 
And here's the kitchen, where I cook delicious things and then "forget" to clean up the mess.
Back out of the kitchen, we're chugging along through the living room and toward the back of the apartment. 
Hi, bathroom; bye, bathroom!
The "office". In case you couldn't tell, this is where I throw all of our clutter
when I don't feel like figuring out where it actually belongs.
And, finally, the bedroom (if that shelf looks familiar, it's because the "office" is really just a corner of the abnormally large bedroom).
Eventually, I'll make a plethora of jewel toned pillows to adorn the bed and a super cool chandelier to hang over it. And I'll buy a lamp for Ryan's chest of drawers, paint something to hang above it, and finally put the last two buttons on our upholstered chest 
(I should be embarrassed that after 3 months, I haven't even finished those stupid buttons). 
Last but not least, my little vanity (I still need to spray paint that yellow ash-tray thingy).
This sits across from our bed on the HUGE mirrored closet. 
If one thing's for sure, our apartment isn't lacking in mirrors.

So, that's it! 
Our cozy, almost-finished apartment.

What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 21.
Sweater, VS. Tank, Gap. Shorts, F21. Shoes, Keds. Belt, thrifted. 


  1. well gees. I love the wall in your kitchen. like LOVE it, all caps.

    Your house is adorable. I would never take pictures of my house, mostly because I would have to clean it really well. no thank you.

  2. I love the striped wall in the dining area! Your headboard is great too:)

  3. so so cute! really love that striped wall!

  4. your apt is adorable! love the striped wall... and the blue kitchen aid!

  5. your place is so posh, i love it! thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! i am your newest follower! i love your style!

  6. You've got such a cute apartment! I love that accent wall in your dining room, very cute idea. Also, adore everything about your outfit! xo

  7. What an adorable apartment! I love it! Also, I can def totes picture the paper flowers from old books! I was hoping to do possibly something similar for my wedding! :)


  8. Great Apartment! I love the striped wall - and Yoshi rolling around on the floors :)

  9. I love the striped dining room wall!


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