Friday, March 30, 2012

Veggie Stromboli

*Recipe slightly adapted from this one here

1 lb pizza dough
1/2 cup black olives
8-10 sun-dried tomatoes (I used the kind NOT packed in oil, to reduce the calories)
a teeny bit of olive oil (1 tbsp or less)
12-15 slices provolone cheese
fresh spinach
roasted red peppers 
one egg
*after trying this, I think it would also be good with onions, green peppers, get the idea. 

Roll out your pizza dough so it's a 10X14 inch rectangle. 
In a food processor, pulse the black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and a teeny bit of olive oil until it is a rough paste. Spread the paste from the food processor onto the pizza dough, leaving a one inch border of dough on all sides. Layer the cheese across the paste on the pizza dough. On top, add spinach and roasted red peppers (and any other ingredients you might be throwing in).
Fold each of the four edges of the pizza dough in, then (starting at one of the long sides) carefully roll up the dough as tightly as you can without tearing it. 
Transfer the rolled dough onto a greased, foil-lined baking sheet and brush the entire surface with a beaten egg. Bake according to pizza dough instructions (if you made your own pizza dough, kudos to you! Baking time should be around 20-25 minutes at 400F). 




  1. oh my yumminess! this looks amazing!

  2. This looks unbelievably delish!
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