Thursday, February 23, 2012

Living like a Vampire.

                       Exhibit A: Yummy vegan brownies.      Exhibit B: Purple pillow cover to match our jewel toned bedroom.

Day 1, trapped inside:
I'm not even allowed to open the blinds. 
My face is hot, red and dry. And it hurts.
Naturally, because I can't leave the apartment, that's all I want to do
To distract myself, I've been baking for our company 
(who are off enjoying the beautiful weather at Knott's Berry farm)! (See exhibit A.) 
And I've been sewing this sweet cover for a throw pillow on our bed. (See exhibit B.)
(When I embarked on this project, I didn't fully comprehend how much work it would be to hand-stitch allllll of these circles. Tedious, tedious business).
And I've been working on my novel.
Writing, writing, writing.
24 reclusive hours down, 24 to go. 

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