Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Donna!

What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 20.
Shoes, Payless. Skirt, Old Navy. Tank, Gap. Jacket, Abercrombie (circa 2002...thanks, 7th grade me)
Today is my momma's birthday
I'm not sure how old she is (and if I was sure, I'm not sure she'd want me to share that information on a public forum). The last time I felt confident in knowing my parents' ages was when they turned 38 and 40 and ever since those birthdays, those are the ages they always are in my mind
 (you're welcome, Mom and Dad). 
I would share a funny story about my mom in honor of her birthday 
but most of those stories are embarrassing. maybe just one story. 
One summer when my brother and I were in high school, our family was sitting down to dinner and somehow we got into a discussion about running, which transgressed into a discussion about who was faster, Mom or Dad, which turned into a challenge.
In the middle of dinner, we got up and went out to the front yard 
and held a race to determine who was the fastest. 
It's important to note here that neither of my parents are runners, 
which made the race all the more hilarious.
The results?
Mom fell down, Dad won, laughter ensued. 
If only there were pictures!
And then, we went back inside and finished eating dinner like nothing had happened.


  1. cute top and happy bday to your sweet mom! i have the same problem with my parents ages, haha i would never admit that to them though :)

  2. Wow! So cute, Love the outfit paring.


  3. I totally love that you don't know how old your mom is.

    Happy Birthday to her anyways!

  4. adorable outfit! i think i need to get that skirt :)

  5. oo love your outfit! the top is adorable! i need sunglasses like that!

    xx Kelly

  6. Wow amazing skirt and great blog!
    Happy birthday to your mom!
    If you want, check out my blog

  7. Ha ha, very funny story! I can so see something like that going down at our household growing up!

    Your blog looks adorable and I've barely scratched the surface! Looking forward to reading about a fellow newlyweds interesting adventures! :)

  8. love it!

  9. Looking gorgeous; love this outfit! And Happy Birthday to your momma!

  10. happy birthday to your sweet mom! and you look gorgeous- as always!!!! xo

  11. Great look!! Love that maxi, and Old Navy!? I need to get me one!


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