Thursday, May 16, 2013

When life slows down.

Every so often, life slows down.

No immediate photo sessions, nothing waiting to be edited, no planes to hop aboard. The month of May has been relatively empty thus far, and it's been a nice breath of fresh air. You know, time to cook new recipes, time to paint my nails, time to (sort of) clean the apartment. Time to relax.

I'm always amazed at the people who maintain never-ending, jam-packed schedules. The people who are going one million miles per hour, each and every hour of the day. Because my brain and my body absolutely can't operate like that forever. I love time to myself, time to relax, time to be introspective and creative and, sometimes, just really lazy. 

And I love having the opportunity to grow bored. It gives me time to crave and truly appreciate the next surge of busy-ness. 


  1. cute nails :)

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  2. totally agree! there's nothing better than some down time right whenever i think i can't take anymore business! and love the glitter nail!

  3. Love your nails! And I couldn't agree more with you. I used to want to be go go go all the time when I was younger, not so much anymore. I love a weekend when there is absolutely nothing to do. :)

  4. I have definitely grown to appreciate those rare moments when I am actually bored! We had a rare free moment this week & I tried to get the fiancé to clean the house with me.. and his response, "But we will just have to do it again next week"... such is life!


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