Tuesday, May 21, 2013

San Luis Obispo mini-vacation.

I don't get to spend enough time with Ryan. Selfish, I know, but who wouldn't want to hang out with that guy constantly? So, for my birthday this year, what I really, really wanted was just some "family time". Uninterrupted, completely stress-free time together (and with the dogs, of course...because Yoshi and Dobby love vacations more than any other dogs in the world). 

This past Saturday we woke our butts up early and set out for the central coast. We stopped to check out State Street in Santa Barbara (and for coffee...mostly for coffee) then got back on the road to continue up to San Luis Obispo, where we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out, hiking and tossing our poor, unsuspecting dogs into the ocean. Oh, and we got all dressed up for a fancy dinner out...at Olive Garden. Apparently, one should make dinner reservations if one plans to visit any of the local Italian restaurants in SLO...something to file away in my brain for future reference. But, hey, I didn't hate the never-ending breadsticks.

Even when we found ourselves stuck in endless stop-and-go traffic for the last 100 miles home, I was perfectly content. Happy to be sitting with my favorite guy, happy to have two completely tuckered out puppies snoozing in the backseat, happy to be car-dancing (you know, mostly just hilarious, spastic arm movements) to the songs we'd heard on the radio literally 3-4 times in one single drive.

There's just something about a road trip. 


  1. I absolutely love San Luis Obispo!

  2. I was born in San Luis and grew up six blocks away from the Pismo Pier. Loved these pictures!

  3. Sounds perfect. Great pictures!

  4. looks like a perfect and beautiful trip!! so many wonderful little sights you saw and being able to take the pups along is great!


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