Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oxblood leather.

What I wore: Pants, H&M. Shirt & necklace, Forever 21. Boots, Makemechic.com.

Don't worry, the leather is fake and no ox shed blood for my pants.
But I am obsessed with the color oxblood right now. And I may have accidentally
purchased three things in this exact shade within the past few weeks.
But these pants...these are the crowning oxblood jewel.
When I first came across the leather trend this fall, I was skeptical.
Leather just didn't sound like a flattering option for my bum. 
But ever so slowly the idea began to grow on me, and suddenly I found myself on a
mad Google search for my own pair. But even as a dedicated Internet shopper, there was no 
way I was buying a pair of skin-tight pleather pants without trying them on. 
That's just asking for trouble.
So when I randomly stumbled upon a pair at the mall, it was obviously a sign that the oxblood
pleather pants and I were meant to be together. Ryan thought I was kidding when I grabbed them
and ran away to the dressing room. I thought I was kidding when I bought them.
But it seems I was serious. 
Pleather pants mean business, man. 


  1. I recently bought a pair in black as well and I love em! Loving this color though, I must hit H&M asap!

  2. Love it, and I think you rock it!

  3. Love the oxblood pants! And I also really like those boots.
    Almost Endearing

  4. Love the oxblood pants! And I also really like those boots.
    Almost Endearing

  5. HOW can I make my hair as long as yours!?!

  6. They're adorable on you! And I love that color x)


  7. Hahaha when I first heard "oxblood" I was like.. really? We're naming a color after the bloodshed animal? But then I too warmed up to the idea of oxblood and now i'm obsessed, however I haven't jumped on the pleather wagon just yet.. soon, though! :) hope your well dear. Love your giant doggie! So cute.
    xo, elle from Living in Color.


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