Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chocolates for ma friends.

Mint mint chocolate chip (I didn't stutter,'s a mint cookie + mint chocolates)

Peanut butter chocolate truffles
Cappuccino fudge 

Oreo white chocolate truffles (some of my red squiggles have clearly had too much to drink) 

I've never been very into big Valentine's Day displays
(this is the part where Ryan is sitting in front of his computer at work thinking,
"LIES, these are all LIES"). I mean, obviously I wouldn't turn down some
Reeses hearts and flowers, but Valentine's Day always seems like more of a bummer
for single folks than a special day for those with significant others. So,
one year in college, Ryan and I decided to spend the holiday making and delivering
treats to all of our single friends (this idea was inspired by a trip to a local candy shop,
where we saw a chocolate pizza and HAD to attempt to replicate it....yeeeeah, we just
ended up with a rock hard, inch thick slab of chocolate). 
Over the years this tradition as begun to migrate and expand.
Now, it's really just a fantastic way for me to put to use my treat-decorating
skills for any holiday/season of my choosing 
without having to devour 2189757 calories worth of sugar afterward
(have to...the treats speak to me and insist that I eat them). 
Also, it makes people like me. 
This weekend I baked while Ryan studied and then
we headed out to deliver all of these delicious goodies. 
Just let me know if you want on the list for next holiday. 
It's pretty exclusive, but I'll see what I can do. 


  1. All of those look amazing!!
    I'm baking this weekend :)

  2. What a sweet idea!! That's so sweet to do for all your people.

  3. That is so sweet (literally!) that you used to do it for your single friends, and that you continue to do it now! Seriously it looks so delicious!
    XO, Kelsey

  4. Holy cow, those peanut butter truffle and the Oreo white Chocolate truffles look amazing! and oh so cute in those wrappers...I work in LA, I think I should be added to the list :)

  5. Those look AMAZING! and I'm super impressed at your red squiggles!

  6. Look at you! Those are adorable and look sooooo delicious =D Great job Andrea!


  7. I am in love with this idea!

    It okay if I copy? haha


  8. Oh myyyyy goodnessss this looks truly delicious and oh-so-sinful!

    I'd probably finish it all in one sitting...!!!!

    I hope you can share your recipes!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  9. Wow, I just saw this and realized I got nothing this year. :(


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