Thursday, December 6, 2012

On repeat.

Around these parts, we're musical people.
And when I say musical people, I mean people who sing very, very poorly
and can't play any musical instruments whatsoever, but people who very throughly enjoy music.
Sometimes, when I'm listening to an especially great song, I just find myself wishing
(and hoping) I could make my stories summon the same kind of emotion music can evoke. 
Sometimes I'm jealous that music gets the added benefit of instruments to accompany the
lyrics...wouldn't that be weird (and awesome) if each novel came with its own soundtrack? 
Until then, I'll just listen while I write and hope a little bit of that musical
magic finds its way through my ears, out of my body and into my words. 
Here's what we can't stop playing on repeat this week:
(feel free to vote on which song is better...cough, mine, cough)

Ryan's loving "Itchin' on a photograph" by Grouplove

and I'm loving "Heavy heart, heavy hands" by Sunday Lane.

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  1. There's a book being handed out on campus, and it comes with a cd that goes along with the book. The book is a little too weird for my taste and the music as well, but they do exist!


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