Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Andrea and the...

Oh, yesterday. Yesterday was one of those days that needs to be 
knocked out cold then shoved under the bed where no one can ever find it again.
Everything started out okay...my breakfast was tasty, my coffee was hot,
and I got to catch up on the first few episodes of Teen Mom 2,
after I somehow neglected to notice that the new season had aired
(why did no one tell me this?!). 
But things took a turn at lunch. Whilst cooking Ramen noodles
(if you can call the process required to prepare Ramen noodles "cooking"),
I bent over the sink to drain some of the hot water (because this girl doesn't
like her noodles to be drowning) and I poured it directly onto my finger, 
which hurt like nobody's business. But I soldiered on. Right on to 
the next task for the day - mastering the ROES ordering system for MpixPro.
First up on my order list was our Christmas Cards, which I'd beautifully designed that morning.
But ROES was all like, "Sucks to suck, Andrea. I'm going to make your photo all blurry
for no explicit reason, just to confuse and frustrate you." After HOURS of tinkering
and frustration building up into one serious muscle ache in my shoulders, I finally 
got the hang of this, maybe kinda. By that time, I was more than ready to hit up 
the gym to workout some of my tension (because despite attempts to teach Yoshi
how to massage me, he has yet to really pick up the skill). 
And all was well in workout land...until the lights (which run on a lame timer that maxes out at 60 minutes - how am I supposed to do a 90 minute workout, lights?!) shut off on me with 
three minutes left, leaving me in a pitch black gym while I finished up my elliptical workout,
which made things supremely awkward when someone else came in.
(Oh, hey, I'm the weirdo who works out in the dark)
Post workout, I was ravenous. Like, watch-out-Dobby-because-I-might-eat-you ravenous. 
So as soon as I got back to the apartment, I tossed a frozen veggie burger onto the stove
and went to watch the news. And I waited. And then, I went to the kitchen expecting one
delicious veggie burger awaiting me, and I found that apparently the burner I selected
is broken. Seriously?! I just wanted to eat da foods!
I ended the day with a big scoop of ice cream and a hefty
dose of "lay on the couch and relax", which is an area where Yoshi is able to help me out.
Bring it, Tuesday. I hope you're a heck of a lot better than Monday was. 


  1. i did a post a little while back really similair to this one. hahah i think it had the EXACT name and everything. so i know how you feel. haha thats the worst especially cause its a monday and they just suck on their own. hope today is better for you :)

  2. ugh, days like that are the worst - especially when they start out so nice!

  3. When Yoshi finally masters that massaging skill, please have him upload a Youtube video for Lucy to watch and learn the skill as well. Much appreciated!

  4. That sucks. I really hope your week is getting better now.

  5. Sweet lady, I hope Tuesday kicked Mondays heiney. You deserve a better day. Plus, Mondays generally suck. Boo on Monday.


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