Friday, December 14, 2012

Giant puppy.

Every week when we go grocery shopping, we drop by the Big Lots next door 
to see if there are any sweet deals (and so Ryan can buy cheap tortilla chips and salsa,
because he's strange like that). A few weeks ago we found these gigantic stuffed animals.
An entire bathroom-sized bin of them. It was exactly the type of thing that would have graced my Christmas list this year years ago. I wanted to crawl inside and cuddle with them forever.
At first the idea of buying one for the puppies was a joke. They love stuffed animals
(and by that, I mean they love tearing stuffed animals apart) but this...this thing was
a monstrosity. With this they could produce a stuffing pile 
the size of a small automobile in the middle of our living room.
They could tear a hole out and crawl inside this thing and get lost. 
Plus, it was $35. A good deal, but not quite impulse-buy material.
But a few weeks went by and each weekend we passed by the bin as we walked around
Big Lots. Last weekend, we could wait no longer. It was decided.
I scooped one of the giant puppies out of the bin and waddled around the store,
bear-hugging this stuffed dog that's just as big as I am whilst sporting a gigantic grin on my face.
Giant puppy sat in the car and waited like a good dog until we finished the grocery shopping 
and we took him home to Yoshi and Dobby for their early Christmas present.
They're still warming up to giant puppy, but so far they're quite fond of our newest
"family member" and his warm, cuddly softness. He's quite the couch hog,
but I think we like him anyway. 

Merry Christmas, doggies! 


  1. I love, love it!!! Merry Christmas to the doggies and to you too!

  2. awwww my puppies need a giant puppy

  3. Ahh! I need one for my puppy, too!

  4. OH my goodness! HOW cute! and awesome, haha

  5. I love that, I think I need one...i mean my son needs one, yep I used the word need.

  6. I love Big Lots for that reason. At mine they have HUGE Teddy Bears. I really want one but I doubt that I could get it because they are 45 dollars. To cute that you bought one and shared about it.


  7. My dog would seriously LOVE one of those...I need to go to Big Lots.


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