Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The straw that broke the camel's back.

It's no secret that I've been blowing it lately.
I feel like at least once per week this month, I've found myself typing the excuse,
"Sorry for my absence yesterday..." and yesterday, I completely forgot to write a blog post.
Face-palm. So today I was all like, "To redeem myself, I'm going to write the best blog post EVER. And I'm going to take some cute pictures of the doggies, too. 
And it's going to be amazing."
But then I forgot purposefully neglected to finish my writing until the last minute.
And I woke up with one of those unfortunate pimples right on the edge of my lip.
And I put benzoyl peroxide on it, but that just made my lips 
so dry that I had to keep slathering my mouth with Chapstick. 
And I burned my tongue on hot coffee.
And three of my fingernails broke.
And, when I swallowed my pride and went down the gym 
with my lip-pimple, someone was already using the treadmill.
And then I tried to open the doggy pictures in Photoshop and Photoshop pooped its pants,
leaving me with no pictures to upload. And that was pretty much the last straw. 
"You win, life, you win," I conceded, shaking my head.
"No redemptive blog post for me today. Instead, I'm just going to vent all over the place.
Because, really, people will love reading that."
Ugh. Tuesdays. 


  1. We ALL have those weeks-- trust me. No hard feelings! I will be waiting patienly for pictures of those pups whenever you get around to it! :)

  2. Haha yes you deserve a few days off. I love reading your blog but definitely don't think you need to feel like you have to apologize for not posting for a day... that's just my opinion! Hope today gets better and good luck with your writing piece!

  3. Hahaha sometimes that's all you need in life is just a little rant! Lip pimples are worse than anything. I don't leave the house

  4. what else is your own personal blog for if NOT to vent!? so vent away. oh Tuesdays... you suck sometimes.

  5. I feel ya...I hope it all gets less crappier soon!

  6. Gah days like that are the worst! I hope your Wednesday was better and that your Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc. are even better than that :)

    Also, I hope you're tongue feels better. Burnt tongues are zero fun.

  7. Hey lady, sorry you had a no good, horribly awful Tuesday... I am still smiling over that surfing pug... so no worries about neglecting us over here!

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