Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shop, drop and roll.

First sweater available here. Second sweater available here

Excuse the corny post title. It seems I'm full of corn lately
(both literally and figuratively,'s the end of corn on the cob season
so I've been eating it with pretty much every single meal).
But, I digress.
Corny titles aside, I've been itching to shop lately.
This happens to me (and every other woman on the planet, I assume) with every new season,
and since the first day of September I've been compiling a wish list of all things fall fashion.
Somehow, I managed to hold out until yesterday, when I stormed the mall,
wish list in hand, ready to conquer. 
But, man, it just wasn't quite my shopping day.
Don't you hate it when you have the time and energy (and funds...those are helpful, too)
to shop but you don't feel like digging to find what you're looking for 
or everything you come across seems either not quite right or a little too expensive?
That's how I felt. 
I found a few things (and I also managed to get lost inside the mall...
in my defense, it's gigantic). And then I went home and I eBayed some things
(I did not get lost on eBay...that would be really awkward). 
I think the real problem is that when I plan my wardrobe wish lists,
I always have a very specific item in mind, either one I've seen on someone else
or one I've created in my mind, and if I can't find something that matches
my expectations EXACTLY, I get discouraged. And then I buy nothing.
Bad for my closet, good for my wallet.
But, alas, my fall wardrobe is off to a start. 
And it's off to a savvy start, at that. Just check out this adorable sweater I fell in love with
on Pinterest...and the awfully similar sweater I found on eBay
for considerably less money. I know, I know, I'm so thrifty sometimes.


  1. I hear ya on the shopping! I find that ordering things online takes less energy, albeit shipping costs are kind of a downer.

    I too had a fall shopping frenzy, and 3 packages later from F21 I think my wardrobe has enough new items to last me until the winter comes and I'll need chunky scarves galore!

  2. When I shop with no intent I can find EVERYTHING I do and don't need. When I'm actually looking for specific things, I can't find a thing. Right now I'm on a little spending freeze because I'm moving, but a little pinkloulou angel told me target shoes are BOGO...erm

  3. Ah, that's so exciting! I love finding deals, especially online. And it's always exciting as you wait for that ah-mazing package to come in the mail :)

  4. I wore that Oasap sweater today! I don't remember it being $46. Is that weird? I must have blocked it out of my memory hahaha. Also, I have that other sweater from YesStyle but it has skulls instead of deer.

    I am addicted to online shopping. FYI.

  5. Love those little meeses... that is the plural of moose, right!? Haha - and yes I have totally been there. Malls overwhelm me, but on the internet I am a shopping goddess!

  6. Naww so cute - I am so jealous of all the cute fall/winter clothes coming out on your side of the hemisphere. But then again, I do love summer dresses!
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  7. Thanks for the link to the ebay store!!! I swiped up one of those amazing deer sweaters and I cannot wait for it to arrive!!!


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