Friday, October 12, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

And another dog toy bites the dust. 

  • Our camping laundry hasn't washed itself yet. Our camping suitcase hasn't even unpacked itself yet. Listen, stuff, you'd better get on it. It's not my job to wash you.
  • Two more literary agency rejections, this time in the form of no response at all. I'll just drop those in the bucket. 
  • Our apartment complex has informed us they will begin charging us THIRTY extra doll hairs per month for the garage parking spot we currently enjoy for free. It looks like I'll have to brush up on my parallel parking skills because there's no way we're forking over more money just to park in one little designated spot. Plus, Pala doesn't deserve to be protected from the weather. Take that, landlords!
  • Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon relaxing while it rained against my window. Ohhhh, how I love the occasional rainy day. 
  • This week was the premiere of the final season of Gossip Girl AND the final season of One Tree Hill finally appeared on Netflix. Seriously, Netflix will be my downfall. I watched the entire final season in a day and a half. I should probably be embarrassed about that :|
  • The puppies survived their first weekend home alone and we came out of the whole ordeal with just two pee spots on the carpet, which I'm deeming a wild success story. I assume they probably threw a raging party while we were away and just cleaned up really well, but I can never know for sure. Also...don't worry, we grossly overpaid someone to come walk them and feed them...we're not negligent furparents. 
  • The other day we were at the grocery store and I was loading up a cartful of corn on the cob, when Ryan made the astute observation that I was stealing all of the display corn - you know, the ones already husked and set out to show off those luscious kernels. I never even realized...but it's true. I am the display corn thief. 
  • I'm feeling sort of compelled to dye my hair a wee bit darker. Maybe just to get rid of the ombre part. Maybe add some highlights. Or maybe not? My brain, it is confrused. Thoughts?


  1. ugh, I hate when my camping pack refuses to unpack / ash itself. Seriously so rude.


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