Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's in the Ikea box?

It all began innocently enough.
Tuesday morning I was browsing Pinterest while I ate my breakfast,
when I came across this awesome home office set up.
via Apartment Therapy 

And I thought, I'm pretty sure I've seen that desk before.
So I clicked on it. 
Aha! Just as I suspected. It was from Ikea.
And then I went to Ikea's website. You know, just to see how much it cost.
Hmm, reasonable. Reasonable indeed.
Then I went and measured the "office" area of our bedroom,
which was housing our make-shift, cloth covered, folding table desk.
You know, just to find out if those beautiful Ikea desks would even fit in our room.
It was a perfect fit.
Clearly a sign that we needed to buy those desks NOW.
I began gathering my facts and aligning my arguments and 
preparing my negotiations and I emailed Ryan with my fabulous office find.
I sweetened the deal with a promise to give up eating out 
if we could get these desks, which in Andrea-speak is one of the ultimate sacrifices. 
Fast forward to that evening, when Ryan picked up our sweet
new desks on his way home from work.
I think that was the most spontaneous and instantaneous home purchase we've ever made.
I'm still like, "Wait, we bought desks? I didn't even know we were looking for desks?!"
But I love them. I don't even want to be separated from them to sleep
(which works out, because they live in our bedroom and I can gaze
upon their beauty as I drift to sleep). 
I can't wait to get our new "office" all decorated and organized
and to finally have a designated, permanent "writing spot". 
Oh, and a desk chair. I should probably get one of those now, too. 

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  1. It's almost what I did in my office spot in my appartment! Same furniture from Ikea, and same settlement. I like your inspiration pic, it's so bright! I wish my place would get as much sun as in the picture...

  2. I have the same desk and I love it! Your office is gorgeous! Have fun decorating!

  3. Love the desks! And decorating them is the funnest part.

  4. It looks so good! We seriously need to update our home office..maybe I can use your tactics...

    Gotta love Ikea for having the things you didn' even know you wanted :)

  5. Crazy talk!

    They are awesome! What a fun way to get them, too :)


  6. Awesome, they look great!!

  7. love it!!! looks great!
    check out our blog, maybe we can follow each other? :)

  8. I love the desk! I want one now. I've never been to Ikea though.

  9. That desk is so cute! Now I wish I had my very own home-office space JUST so I could have something like this!

  10. Love it! Great desks! I WISH Ikea was in closer proximity to me... but I bet it would be VERY dangerous! Can't wait to see how you style them up!

  11. I love me some IKEA! I want a similar IKEA creation for my one day office/art studio area :)

    xo Teresa

  12. I love that desk. It has so much storage space. I always find unexpected things that I can't live without at Ikea.


  13. Looks so cool. I bet you have heaps of decor ideas! I like the white one :)
    Xo Emilie at Hungry Delights

  14. Thats awesome! I love those desks!!!

    (Check out the giveaway I'm hosting this week!!)


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