Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My mouth is a disaster zone.

I went to the dentist yesterday.
I immediately regret that decision. 
I've never had a cavity in my life
but it seems that during my two year hiatus from the dentist's chair
(hey, cleanings ain't cheap when you don't have dental insurance)
I developed NINE of them. 
Nine freaking cavities. 
And that's NOT counting the enormous, gargantuan cavity fest
that has essentially consumed the whole tooth that holds up one of my bridges.
It's so bad that they'll probably have to do a root canal.
Oh, and then they'll have to re-do my entire bridge.
I almost cried right there in the dentist's office.
Seriously, I was biting my lip trying not to burst into tears.
Thank goodness our new insurance will cover most of the cost,
but I wish they could also share a portion of the pain associated with a root canal. 
Perhaps I should just get it over with and get dentures already. 
you know what makes me happier after receiving bad news?
Large, spontaneous purchases from Ikea. 
So what are all these boxes?
(other than a hardcore workout for Ryan, who carried them up to our apartment one by one)
You'll just have to wait and find out, won'tcha?


  1. I just had a root canal and crown done and it was horrible. Not so much the pain, but sitting in the chair for 3 HOURS with your mouth open.. no fun. I'm sorry- dental work is no fun and I am no stranger to cavities. Hope you feel better.

  2. I would get a second opinion if I were you. Once a dentist told my brother he had 12 cavities and he went to a different one who said he had none. Not saying you won't need any work done but it may not be as much.

  3. if you weren't so far away i would tell you to go to my dad! he has his own dental practice, and even though he's my dad i can say with all unbiased certainty that he is a wonderful dentist! he is known for being really gentle!

  4. Aw you poor thing!!! :( Mouth pain is the worst, but at least it's a good excuse for milkshakes.

    And seriously, large boxes from Ikea are always fun.

  5. I haven't been in a couple years as well for the same reason! I have to go soon and I'm totally dreading it!

  6. I know your pain! I hated the dentist when I was younger, and once I got old enough to full on protest, my mom stopped making me go she told me I was "only hurting myself." I felt like I won the biggest feud of all time, but boy was she right.

    I've always been good about taking care of my teeth as an adult, but I've had weak enamel since I was a kid (including no enamel on the majority of my baby teeth) and didn't do the best job as a kid. I went to the dentist for the first time in forever last year to get anything fillings done before getting braces. I don't even know how many I had total, but it was at least 8-9. Luckily, I was able to get a couple filled at a time and squared away and got braces this May, but talk about something that will make you obsessively brush, floss, and schedule your cleanings when you're supposed to!

    Hang in there! The one main thing I've learned these last couple years is that the dentist really isn't that bad!

  7. Yikes, I'm sorry that sounds awful!! I haven't had too many cavities in my life but make sure you space out all the work you are getting done and give your mouth some time to rest in between!

  8. I totally know how that feels at the dentist :( I had been doing so great and then got there once during a visit home and had six!! Including this huge freaking crater in one of my molars. It was so depressing. Totally feel your pain!

  9. I'm so sorry! The same thing happened to me when I skipped ONE cleaning in high school. Cruel, I tell you, just cruel. Are you having that all done at once?

  10. Oh dear, that sounds horrific. I agree with seeing someone else if you can, I had a dentist who told me I didn't have any cavities and everything was fine which didn't explain the pain I was having so I went somewhere else and turns out I needed a tooth pulled imagine my surprise on that one -_-

    Also is it weird that I'm quite excited about your mail? lol, I love Ikea!

  11. oh nos! I had a similar thing - cavity free 24 years and then bam 5 gross ones hiding in the back. the worst!

  12. Ohhh I hope your mouth gets better. I'm excited to see whats in the boxes now ha xx

  13. Aww I'm so sorry! I hate the dentist! I hope you feel better! xoxo

  14. Awf girl! I hate hate hate the dentist. I hope that all the cavities are filled painlessly.


  15. I just had 8 hours of dental work done a month ago. I had 2 root canals with temp crowns, 5 cavities, deep cleaning and fluoride treatment. If your dentist offers laughing gas or oral conscious sedation it's worth the like $200 it costs. You can have most of your work done in one visit and you don't really remember the procedure. I had the oral conscious sedation and I remember bits and pieces of stuff but it was mostly a blank lol. I just came home after and slept.

  16. OH NOES! I hate the dentist, there's always something wrong in my mouth. But yay for Ikea - I mean Y-A-Y!

  17. andrea.
    i have had so many cavities in my life its not even funny.
    i am lucky that i actually like my dentist.
    i don't mind going to him.
    and even though you regret going to the dentist yesterday, its so much better that you went now.

    and i am so curious to see whats in the ikea boxes!

  18. Oh no!! This post is making me call my dentist up and schedule a visit today! I hope it is as easy and pain-free as possible and that you get lots of sympathy treats!!

  19. Oh no! I had to do a root canal a few years ago, and it was on one of my last teeth in the back -- definitely not fun having my mouth open that wide for that long!

  20. Crap! I feel for you because I have terrible teeth. I get about a cavity a year, since I was about 21. (Could it be directly related to my alcohol consumption? Hmm?) I'll be needing some dentures myself one of these days.

  21. Oh no! I hate how expensive the dentist is, at least it is fixable!

    Can't wait to see your ikea purchase!!!

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  22. oh bummer :( there is never good news at the dentist. at least its going to be covered? positive thoughts are good

  23. So all that ice cream finally caught up to you huh?

    My cleanings are a hundred a pop even on insurance. You know how many ice cream cones I could buy with that?!

  24. 9?! That is the worst!! I feel for you!

    I love Ikea! I can't wait to see what you got:)

  25. Oh, no, that is so not good! But you are right, cleanings are expensive!

    The only cavity I ever had was in a wisdom tooth but they ended up pulling all of those so it was never filled. Not that I am in your boat but I just noticed that all of my clenching and grinding I do, that I am suposed to ware my night gaurd to protect my teeth but I don't, well it appear I have cracked one of my teeth. I am now wearing my night gaurd again but "too little too late" is running through my head :(

    Can't wait to see what you bought at Ikea!!


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