Friday, July 27, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

Sneaking up on my sunbathing beauties. 

  • I was crop-dusted by a random stranger in the paint aisle at Michaels yesterday. Seriously. I couldn't believe it either.
  • I encountered the ultimate parking spot {insert rude name of your choice here} this week. Let me set the scene. I was parked in front of our building in a little strip of street parking just large enough for two cars to legally park. Like the courteous gentlewoman I am, when I parked there I pulled up all the way, allowing room for another car behind me. When I walked out to my car yesterday, there was a guy sitting in the car parked behind me. I got in my car and as I'm pulling away, I see him roll forward until he's clearly taking up BOTH parking spots. Then he turned the car off and left. Seriously, bro? Seriously? 
  • I haven't worn a single item of "real" clothing all week long. It's just been me and my sweatpants crafting at home. Winning!
  • Finding a stash of my old CDs while sorting through my office boxes. Thank goodness I had the sweet beats of Avril Lavigne, circa 2002, and my own mixes entitled "Emo" and "Gansta"(I was so focused on drawing cool designs on the CD that apparently I forgot a "g"...ironic) to get me through the organizing process. 
  • I'm addicted to 7-11 fountain sodas. Someone, please get me help. 

  • There have been some odd and hilarious solicitations showing up in my email "spam" folder lately. For example, the AARP is encouraging me to join up. Apparently they took me seriously when I said I was on the brink of elderly. And I keep getting emails offering discounts on bed bug terminating services. Look, I don't clean all the time, but I'm pretty sure I'm not attracting bed bugs (fingers crossed). I also got an email about "Black People Meet", a dating website for black people. Oh, Internets, I do not think I am who you think I am. 
  • Yesterday I was whining about having my cavities filled and without missing a beat, Ryan says, "At least you're not having a cavity search. Think positive." Touche, sir, touche. 
And on that note...have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Spam is beyond annoying! The internet definitely doesn't know people as well as it thinks -rolls eyes-

  2. Ugh I have been getting soo much blog spam!!! Do they not clue in that it doesn't post so they are wasting their time!?

    Love the pics!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Bahaha, I love that you just said Winning! And I'm super jealous of your sweat pants week. Gah, your so gansta.

  4. I literally LOLed at the part about the Gansta CD...that is totally something I would have done back in the day :P

  5. Spam is most definitely annoying, as are sales phone calls. I got one once asking whether I had problems getting in the bath or out the bath or both. For a 31 year old rather active girl I was a little irritated!!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. CROP DUSTED?! Oh my word. T G I F!

  7. Hahaha, love all of these. And way to go Ryan for thinking positively! :) Jeal that you've been in your sweats all week! Have an awesome weekend!


  8. I did not realize you were an elderly black gansta with bed bugs! That's awesome!

  9. i got something rando from aarp the other day too! since when is mid 20s elderly??

  10. It's gross, but my husband has the art of crop-dusting down. He will purposely let one go, and then run to the other aisle and giggle when strangers nearly barf. lol Gotta love him :)

  11. I am so happy that you said "Crop dusted" hahahahah
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  12. OK, seriously, II am always amazing at how my pups will find the one sunny spot and lie directly in it, mid-summer. Yours are precious.

    The idea of wearing sweats all week while crafting sounds divine!


  13. Thanks for following me, you have a lovely blog! You don't know how much I actually want a pug, so jealous!
    Teenage Daydreams X

  14. You are so freakin' funny!! I'm glad I can confidently say there's no way it was my husband that crop dusted you.... but he does it all too often to poor, random strangers at the store. So embarrassing!

  15. Gahhh!! I hate people who aren't courteous parkers - seriously it doesn't take 2 minutes to park properly

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights


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