Friday, July 13, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

What I wore: Shoes, Blowfish. Dress, Toska. Top, PacSun. Necklace, AE Outfitters. Hat, Forever 21. 
  • The political ads have begun. I think I'll go crawl into a hole now. 
  • Loud, raucous teenagers splashing around the pool while I attempted to swim laps wearing an incredibly stylish 1990s one-piece swimsuit that used to belong to my mom. At least I wasn't wearing a swimming cap.
  • Remember how I said that Pala wouldn't start on July 4th? Well, we got her moving. And we took her to the car doctor, and they told us it was probably the starter, but that if it was currently working, they couldn't tell us for sure what was causing the problem. And so they sent us on our merry little way to wait until Pala breaks for good (which, with my luck, will be when I'm alone, hundreds of miles from home, probably in an unsafe neighborhood at midnight...why I would be in that situation in the first place, I have no idea). You know what they say. If it ain't (consistently) broke, don't fix it. 
  • Amanda is here! One of our very best friends has arrived to spend a week at Hotel Dickherber. Let the fun times begin. 
  • Is it acceptable to eat corn on the cob with every single meal? It is? Okay, good, because I've been doing it all week.
  • Someone found my blog by Google image searching "Wisconsin 6 cheese pizza". This is a proud, proud moment in my life. Now, if only I could find a real Wisconsin 6 cheese pizza by searching my blog archives...that would be amazing. 
  • Yesterday I got stuck behind a car that was waiting for a squirrel to cross the street in front of our apartment complex. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who does this. Squirrel power! 
  • How to pose like a fashion blogger. Read it. And then laugh. And then laugh at me. And then, if you blog about what you wear, laugh at yourself, too. 
  • Thank you for the great response to my new sponsorship options! :)
  • It's 100 degrees in Las Vegas today. Oh, uh, did I mention WE'RE GOING TO VEGAS?! And so are the doggies (God, help us). See you next week!


  1. love your skirt, very cute! happy friday!

  2. It's always fun seeing how people wind up on blogs through google searches :)

    And I'm with you on the political ads! So annoying! And like my husband pointed out, all they do is say what the other person isn't doing or has done wrong. what are YOU going to do?!

  3. That fashion blogger post is the best! I love the flamingo.

    Andrea, those fashion photos would look better in front of a brick wall or gate post. Thanks.


  4. Corn on the cob as a meal itself is also okay. Guilty

  5. Lucky lady, have fun in Vegas!!
    Happy friday!


  6. Could you get any cuter?? Love this outfit woman! Also, yay for best friend visits AND corn on the cob with every meal (yes, totally acceptable). And once in a while I come across really odd Google searches that brought people to my blog. Gotta wonder sometimes!

  7. I love corn on the cob!! When my bf grills I eat it alll the time.

  8. Cute outfit, loving the hat!

  9. I've so been eating corn on the cob like crazy lately! It is so, so good on the grill!

  10. Cute cute cute outfit! Wherever you took these pictures looks gorgeous!

  11. Have fun in Vegas! Stay cool!!


  12. Sitting in the Vegas airport waiting to fly home... Have fun! :)

  13. Ah I stop for squirrels too! I can't help it! And how hilarious is that google search, I lol'ed when I read that :)

  14. Have a fun time with your friend! Hope your car doesn't break down on you, maybe that was just a fluke the first time? haha.

  15. The ads never stopped in Wisconsin. I have officially learned to tune it all out.


  16. Love love love your sun hat in those shots! So pretty!

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  18. Ah, that skirt!! Can I have it? Have fun in Vegas!

  19. we have been eating corn on the cob every single meal too! corn and tomatoes. it's pretty much the only thing I love about {hot} summers. speaking of hot ... vegas?! hope you're having fun!!


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