Monday, July 16, 2012

Vegas style.

I'm convinced that the Interwebs hate me. I'm pretty sure that they
conspire to play mean tricks on me in their free time.
While we were in Vegas this super-cool guest post was set to automatically
appear, bright and early this morning. Guess what happened? Nothing.
Stinking technology made me look like a rude butthead.
(I'm sorry, Taleen!)
So, check out Taleen's sweet Vegas-style fashion advice,
and her even sweeter blog, while you're at it!


Hi lovelies! My name is Taleen and I blog over at dreaming en francais. A bit about me.. I've lived in LA my entire life, I absolutely love to travel, I can curl up with a good book for hours, and I loveee coffee -- in all forms. My blog is a place where I chronicle and express my personal style, sweet & silly moments, and favorite memories. I'm so happy to be here filling in for the always fabulous Andrea while she's off having an undoubtedly amazing time in Vegas! Hers is a blog I read daily, so being on here is a pretty big deal.

But enough about me! In honor of Andrea's little trip to Las Vegas, I thought it would only be appropriate for me to talk Vegas fashion while I'm here. Because, well, you need to wear clothes on your trip. Although I'm sure no one would look at you twice if you showed up in your birthday suit in a city like Vegas. Still. I've put together both a day outfit {for exploring the strip} and a night outfit {for club-hopping}.
Romper: Topshop; Shoes: Steve Madden; Hat: Modcloth; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Bag: J Crew
Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Skirt: All Saints; Shoes: Vince Camuto; Necklace: House of Harlow; Clutch: Michael Kors

I think it's safe to say that Vegas is HOT in the summer. So a cute romper would be ideal for keeping cool while shopping, lunching, gambling, whatever your little heart desires. A fedora and oversized gold watch {two of my favorite accessories right now} add a cute touch to the entire look, and comfortable flat sandals are key. Meanwhile, for nighttime, all I envision when I think about Vegas is.. sparkles. So a sequined gold skirt seemed like the only way to go, naturally. A loose black tucked-in tank looks perfectly put together and really lets the skirt shine. A dramatic statement necklace, nude pumps, and simple clutch go a long way in vamping your look up {if the sparkly gold skirt didn't do it for ya}.

And there you have it! Thank you again to Andrea for having me over! Please stop by and visit me over at dreaming en francais, where I like to play with clothes and put together looks like this one, share photos of my own outfits, and talk about food {among other things}. I'd love to have you! xo


  1. LOOVE these outfits!!!! already a follower of her amazing blog :)) taleen is the cutest!

  2. Oh, Andrea, don’t be upset, that scheduling thing happens to all of us at one time or another. And it’s totally bloggers fault!

    Nice to meet you Taleen, heading over to check out your blog now, sounds super fun!


  3. Great outfit choices!

    Have fun in Vegas!

  4. love her! gosh, you two together should never be allowed ... unless you both are helping me shop, dress, and look fabulous. we should absolutely do that sometime. a little makeover ... I'll even come to California. you twisted my arm. ;)

  5. oh mine NEVER post when i try and set it up! like NEVER.

    love this girl and the outfit choices! have fun, vegas style!

  6. great outfits! love the choices


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