Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life in a little town.

Hey, all! Today two things are happening:
A) One of my best friends is flying in to visit for a week, which means
that I'm currently scrambling to clean the entire apartment in a few hours, though I've known
the date of her arrival for MONTHS (oh, hey there, procrastination).
B) I'm guest posting over at Little Petrie while Caitlyn is guest posting here
and telling you a little bit about the small town where she's from.

Happy Thursday!
I'll be back tomorrow, ranting and raving as usual...


Hello Friends! My name is Caitlyn & I blog over at LITTLE PETRIE! Join my there to read all about me! I am a college student, crazy in love with my boyfriend of four years, and trying to live life to the fullest. I am so happy to guest post over here and would love to tell you a little bit about where I come from.. So without further a due... here is a little piece of IDAHO!

 This is the lovely view from a road near my house. There is not picture that can better describe where I am from. I live in Idaho and though we hate being thought of as a little town, we are. The population is constantly  growing but we still have small town values and are very much awesome! I grew up in Nampa, Idaho after moving from Los Angeles. Can you imagine moving from a neighborhood in which you can hold hand with your neighbors through your bedroom window to living on acres of farm? IT IS AWESOME! I would love to explain every detail of my home, but I think Montgomery Gentry does it a little better.

Don't you dare go runnin' down my little town where I grew up and I won't cuss your city lights. If you ain't ever took a ride around and cruised right through the heart of my town anything you'd say would be a lie.We may live our lives a little slower but that don't mean I wouldn't be proud to show ya.

Where I come from, There's an old plowboy turnin' up dirt.
Where I come from, There's a preacher man in a cowboy shirt. Where I come from
There's a couple boys fight in the parking lot & nobody's gonna call the cops.

See that door right there. Man, I swear that it ain't never been locked and I guarantee that it never will. That ol' man right there in the rockin' chair at the courthouse square, I'll tell ya now he could buy your fancy car with hundred dollar bills. Don't let those faded overalls fool ya he made his million without one day of schoolin'

Where I come from there's a pickup truck with the tailgate down. Where I come from the pine trees are singin' a song of the South. Where I come from that little white church is gonna have a crowd. Yeah, I'm pretty damn proud of where I come from.

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  1. Holy Cuteness! Her blog is wonderful! Thanks for sharing :) :)


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