Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Raising imaginary Olympians.

What I wore: Shorts, AE Outfitters. Top, Gap. Sandals, Macy's. 

Every four years, I get pumped to watch Olympic gymnastics.
And every four years, I decide I should have had a career as an Olympian. 
I used to be a competitive gymnast.
And when I say "competitive gymnast" I mean I had skills that
would make you yawn in comparison to the stuff you see in the Olympics
(although I'm awfully proud to say I once stuck a back handspring on the balance beam).
Gymnastics was tough. Imagine a gym full of 10-14 year olds in tears as
they hold push ups. Yeah, that tough.
But watching elite gymnastics literally makes me want
to do backflips across my living room 
(which would require removing all the furniture and, also, 
probably a post-backflip trip to the hospital). 
I'd be lying if I didn't admit to getting off the couch to see
if I could still do the splits (I can't) and how long I can hold a handstand (ten seconds).
Sadly, though, I'm pretty sure I'm out of consideration for Olympic gymnastics
now that I've reached the ripe old age of twenty-three
(we're ignoring the fact that I haven't done gymnastics in years
and that I was never ever anywhere near that good). 
So Sunday night, while watching the final night of the women's Olympic trials,
I decided to pass my elite athletic dreams on to my imaginary children.
Here's what's up:
I've got the body type of a gymnast. 
Broad shoulders, slim hips, vertically-challenged. 
And Ryan's not a tall dude (sorry, friend).
Straight out of the womb, our children will have an advantage.
And from there, I'm sticking those babies directly into "Mommy and me"
gymnastics classes and getting them whipped into shape ASAP.
I shall begin researching the top gyms immediately
and saving up money to travel to international meets.
And then I will live vicariously through them as they
flip and tumble toward a gold medal.
Look out 2032-ish Olympics, here we come. 


  1. LOL love this! Definitely not a bad dream to have for your future children! My best friend has already decided her future kids are going to end up as pro dancers on Dancing With the Stars. Nothing wrong with living vicariously through them, right? xo


  2. You are awesome!!

    Did you cry a little when Nastia fell? I sure did!

  3. Leaving it all to your kids...I like that :)

    I've always found gymnastics interesting...I've done never done it, but I've always wished that I could. Like you, I'm vertically challenged...I think I could do it, maybe...probably not.

  4. Gymnastics is my favorite part of the Olympics. I competed in power tumbling for about 5 years. I wish I could still tumble like I could about 12 years ago.

  5. Ha! I would be lying if I said I did not do some of the same things while watching the olympic trials myself! LOL!

  6. Haha.. I love it. I always joke that my kids will be dancers or singers whether they like it or not b/c I always wished I was a dancer or a singer growing up. I'm totally on board with your game plan!

  7. I loved this post and cute outfit!

  8. LOOOVE the shorts!! soo cute! ahh i want to be able to do the splits soo badly. gah.

  9. Love the outfit. And I will be looking out for them.

  10. I may steal this idea. I hate/love how those gymnasts make it look so freaking easy...They really do make me think I can do a full layout in my living room, when in reality I struggle with cartwheels.
    Cute outfit, btw!

  11. Olympics 2032ish! Ha ha, that made me giggle! Lol! I loved this post! :)

  12. hahahaa! Love it! Good luck to your future gymnasts!! Also, love your shoes!


  13. Lol that's so cute! Very cool that you used to do gymnastics :) I wish I could watch the Olympic trials but they're not on here in Croatia... boo :/

  14. Hey Andrea! I am your newest follower, found you through Danielle's blog "Taking Notes...Coast to Coast"! I wrote a wedding post earlier this week for her and have been keeping up on the wedding guest posts that have been on your blog. Totally loved yours!!! Very true and straightforward, very much enjoyed it :)

    Bri Rios

  15. I completely agree. Every time the olympics roll around I get so sad that I quit gymnastics.


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