Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just call me Michael Vick.

I tried to get our Fourth of July post ready today.
Really, I did. But then I uploaded all three hundred pictures
from yesterday onto my computer and I died just thinking about getting all of that work done.
So, tomorrow. Tomorrow, I swear. 
But here's some pictures of the pups I snapped the other day 
during one of their very first play sessions. 
The good news? 
They like each other enough that they're play buddies now!
The bad news?
They keep trying to hump each other. 
I realize this is normal dog behavior, but...
It's so funny to watch them play, though.
They look pretty ferocious in these pictures 
but mostly they just open their mouths and slobber on one anothers' necks
or Dobby runs around the house like a Tasmanian devil 
and attacks Yoshi every time she runs past him. 
Sometimes they both end up lying on their backs next to each other, 
trying to nibble at each other's ears.
The ultimate lazy dog fighting.

OH, and I'm guest posting over at Taking Notes...Coast to Coast,
while Danielle is off getting hitched! My post is full of crappy advice extremely wise tidbits of
relationship knowledge, so you must go check it out. 


  1. omg. that face. i am legit worried for yoshi. she is FEROCIOUS!

  2. I love the evil faces dogs make when play fighting! These are great pics!

  3. oh those faces! isnt it the funniest thing to watch 2 dogs go at it!?! (play fight, not humping).

  4. HAHAHA! the faces are simply priceless! glad they are getting along :))

  5. oh how I know the feeling about three hundred pictures ... blah. and I although I am so excited to see your recap ... right now I can't think of anything better than seeing these two rascals play. yes, rascals. I am now 82.

  6. I LOVE watching doggies is so funny. They get so serious about makes for some pretty fabulous entertainment :)

    The humping is weird. My parents have a girl dog who is NOT fixed, and a boy dog who is (he's actually my dog). Every time the girl dog goes in heat, she tries so hard to get the boy dog to 'notice' her. It is so funny.

  7. hahaha they are so cute!
    my dog BayLee and his UNCLE Sparky also have "normal dog behavior". I agree. Normal, but awkward...very awkward.

  8. Such great fighting faces! Doug totally does the lazy dog fighting, were he lies on the ground... haha! I just grabbed your button and put it on my site here:
    Cause you are one of my favorites! Have a great weekend


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