Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our very hairy home.

Three years ago, one of the points I used to convince Ryan that we should adopt Yoshi was the argument that pugs don't shed very much.
That may have been the biggest, fattest lie I've ever told in my entire life. 
You'd never guess just how much hair those cuddle monkeys leave alllll over our floor
(and couches, and bed, and clothes...
sometimes we even find Yoshi hair in our refrigerator. Weird, I know).
And I shed just as much as the dogs.
I lose handfuls of hair every stinking day.
Sometimes the pups even end up with long strands of my hair stuck in their mouths
(payback for when I leave the house with dog hair all over the butt of my pants).
Seriously, we could start a wig factory right out of our vacuum.


  1. ha! love this. we have all hardwoods, so our dry mop is staying rather busy. with this crazy heat, sherman is losing hair by the handfuls as well. luckily with my recent crappy boy haircut, I don't lose any. but sherm loses enough for the both of us. I feel for ya!

  2. Hi there! I thought I would use this opportunity to say how much I adore your blog and that I totally sympathize with you here! I had two cats which, no matter what I did, seemed to shed everywhere! It is a constant battle but when you love the little fur-balls what do you do?!! Thanks for providing a great escapism for my workday!!
    Lucy xox

  3. We have this problem!
    One reason we LOVE our Shark Pet Vacuum! I use it daily. Its perfect for those of us who don't have the moo-la to spend over $500 on a fancy Dyson or similar vacuum but still need something to battle the hair our furry babies leave behind.

  4. I feel your pain Otto our black pug is the same and its everywhere no matter how much we sweep and vacuum.

  5. I know exactly what you mean! But those faces are just too cute!

  6. My husband found one of my hairs in his coffee yesterday. Whoops:) And we have a boxer who dominates the area rug with his hair every single day. I definitely feel your pain:)

  7. I feel ya! Our baby leaves little mini braxtons floating around. I don't know how he has any hair with all that he loses! Safe to say I have to sweep my hardwoods daily and even then by the next morning I find balls of hair, it's insane!

  8. I feel ya! My sister and I have super thick hair that sheds plus we have a golden retriever that not only sheds but tears up everything in her path!!

  9. same problem here sista! our boxer one great big hair ball. it kills me. then you throw in all the slobber from his jowls. its disgusting. but we love him anyways.

  10. I feel for you! I have a kitten, Marceline, who doesnt shed just quite yet. Yesterday my sister-in-law's air conditioning broke so now we are kitty sitting her two cats who are hidden away in my room. I promise they should be bald with the amount of their hair I've found on my comforter!

  11. My dog has totally not been able to finish pooping because my hair was stuck in her butt. Not pretty.

    My Boston Terrier sheds an ungodly amount. I have found hair in every possible (and impossible) area of the house!

  12. i shed a lot too. scary amounts. but i have so much hair i don't really care? one day i will. one day.

    thankfully sharkie has hair and not fur. so he doesn't shed at all.

    so i shed for the both of us.

  13. Love that you just did a post all about (shedding) hair! We have the same problem with our dachshund. And I shed a lot myself, too, which I hate.


  14. Haha, I guess he found out they do shed a lot :) hehe.
    But he's absolutely ADORABLE! I love these pictures.

  15. I can totally relate... Ryan says he finds my hair on him at work! I shed *so* much, good thing it all keeps growing ;) And we thought a short haired Boxer would be easy - nope, I am constantly washing bedding because of him!

  16. hahaha this is exactly what happens at our house!! my husband thinks it's so gross bc my hair AND duke's hair is EVERYWHERE. he can't seem to get away from it but it doesn't bother me as much :) haha

  17. I feel your pain! Well...not so much anymore. My parents have brittany spaniels, though, and if you ever hoped to wear ANYTHING that didn't look good adorned in white hairs then you were out of luck at our house..


  18. I feel like I am sweeping up black hair shed by my lab every. single. day. So frustrating! Good thing we love our little fur balls, right?


  19. cutest puppies ever. i'm seriously considering getting a pug!

  20. I think I shed more than my cat does! Your puppies are so adorable :)

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  21. Lol well rats, I thought pugs didn't shed that much! Still going to get one though, they're so stinkin' cute!

  22. We used to have a dog and that was my biggest complaint.. All the hair!



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