Monday, July 30, 2012

Blonde moment #943.

A "Do Not Enter" sign eaten into Ryan's ice cream. Psh, like that would stop me. 

Saturday night we were stretched out on the couch,
eyes glued to the TV as we watched the first night of Olympic men's gymnastics
and their superhero buff arms. Of course, I was also eating ice cream because, honestly, when am I not eating ice cream? Any-woo, an hour or so passed, Ryan went off to bed and I grew
hungry for another bowl of ice cream (surprise, surprise, right?). 
I moseyed into the kitchen, swung open the freezer door and...
my ice cream was missing. 
I did a double-take. I reread the label on the tub of ice cream that WAS in the 
freezer (Ryan's nasty mint chocolate chip). Yeah, not my ice cream. I peeked behind the
chicken patties and the veggie burgers and the bag of frozen broccoli, but my ice cream
was no where to be found. My heart rate quickened. 
Oh my God, I thought. There's an ice cream thief in our midst. 
For a brief moment I wondered if it could have been Ryan,
but I quickly pushed that thought away.
Don't nobody mess with my ice cream. 
You mess with my ice cream and you're asking for it. 
Ryan knows that. 
I gazed around the kitchen counters, lest I forgot to put it away.
I even checked in the trashcan, in case I ate it all earlier
and developed amnesia. Nope, not there either.
And then, a moment of clarity.
Did I...?
Could I have...?
Yes. When I put my ice cream away, I put it in the freaking refrigerator,
where it sat for an hour, melting to a sloppy, milkshake consistency.
Blonde moment #943. 


  1. Oh nooooooooo!


  2. Oh no! It can be saved right? Right?!

  3. Oh no that's not good! The gymnastics was amazing though right?!

    Julia x

  4. hahaha that's the worst! So sorry!

  5. I had this happen to me a couple weeks ago!
    i SWORE someone stole the sliced cheese i bought.
    Unbeknownst to me, I put it in the freezer.

  6. OHhh yum! Well if it makes you feel any better - I didn't realize Kraft's Fresh Take cheese/breadcrumb stuff had real cheese... I put it in the pantry :\

  7. I've totally been there....and ate it anyway!

  8. That is too funny and definitely something I've done before too! If it's caught quick enough though (before it turns into soup), it's actually pretty yummy -- just soft enough. Oh man, now I want a bowl!

  9. hahaha sounds like something i'd do! poor icecream!

  10. That sucks! But then again, I would have probably just drank it instead :P

  11. back into the freezer it goes!! i know. shameless.

  12. Haha I do this all the time.. worst moment ever was when I put the milk into the pantry!

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  13. Haha... That stinks! I've been known to eat all of mine and forget and go back for more! :)

  14. Don't knock the Mint Chocolate Chip, that's my all time favorite!

    A million years ago, when I first started working for the company I work for now (my first real job), I was learning a lot of new stuff so when I would make a dumb error I would blame it on a blond moment. After a while it became the joke of the office so I expanded it to say "I get 3 blond moments a day and if I do not use them the roll over, like cell phone minutes." It stuck and we still live by that rule in our office all these years later.

    Happy day!


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