Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A week or so ago, when I should have been concentrating on the writing material 
I had to submit, I may or may not have mostly redesigned our entire apartment.
In my head, of course. And in doodles all over whatever scraps of paper I had at my disposal.
And the moment I finished my writing and sent my assignment shooting across the interwebs to my mentor, I transformed into a real life Craft-zilla.
You know why I'm great at crafts? Because my brain is an uber-creative place.
You know why I'm horrible at crafts? Because I have the patience of a grumpy two-year-old.
For an entire week, it sort of looked like Pinterest exploded in our living room
(that is, until I had to clean it all up so that our guests don't think I'm a slobby McSlobberton).
Here's what I was able to get finished:

I've been planning to make these ruffled curtains since Christmas. Seriously.
But I just now got around to making them. I kind of love them.
And guess what they're made from? Bedsheets!
Super cheap and fairly easy, especially when you let someone else do the planning for you,
via the instructions I found here.

Is this pillow hypnotizing you yet? Are you beginning to feel sleeeeeepy?

By no means am I an artist, but I AM one of the pickiest decorators of all time.
I did this painting for my sweet new desk. Hopefully it will inspire some great writing.
(And it's a preview of the colors and style I'm using to decorate my little office space!)


  1. Those curtains are AWESOME! I love them! And who's to say you are no artist? That canvas is pretty baller - you could totally start an Etsy shop with that! Love all of your new decor!

  2. Those curtains are super adorable!!! And what the heck you're an awesome painter!!! That looks soooo cool! I love it! :)

  3. LOVE the painting, and the curtains too! So creative :)

  4. by ALL means you are an artist. that painting is amazing. so are all the new decorations. love it!

  5. You painted that?? its beautiful!! love the curtains too :)

    followme@ www.studentswife.com

  6. I love the painting. It is so much better than something I would do. lol.

  7. I'm in love with those curtains and the painting is fabulous!


  8. Not an artist?! I love the painting! I think it turned out amazing! Great color choice.

  9. Those are adorable, every last project! I really love the painting, nice work!

  10. waiiiiiiit. i love that painting. you are an artist. shut up.

  11. Love your painting project! I'm actually beginning something similar for my own office! I'm going strictly abstract, brush strokes and paint splatter. Love the extra details in yours though!


  12. What do you mean you're not an artist?! I think that painting is awesome! Way better than anything I could ever do, haha. And those curtains are amazing. What a great idea!

  13. "Not an artist..." Pffft, pish-posh! This painting is FANTASTIC! I love it, and the colors :) Those curtains are pretty rockin' too. Well done girl.

  14. wow, I'm impressed! I am SO not crafty - I think I am too impatient. You did a great job! I love all of it! xox

  15. How cool are those curtains! Loving your painting too, you've got some serious artsy/crafty talent lady!!


  16. I love your painting! You are so artistic!!

  17. You are super talented! Thanks for sharing your work with us!

    Happy day!


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