Thursday, June 14, 2012

School's {IN} for summer.

What I wore: Sandals, Minnetonka. Skirt, Old Navy.
Shirt, Forever 21. Necklace, D'Arte Connection (boutique). 

Today's the big day.
My first day of graduate school.
I'm a bit nervous about the responsibility associated with a low-res program
and about meeting my classmates for the first time 
(have I mentioned how awkward I am with small talk?).
What if I don't fit in with the cool kids?
(Just kidding...there aren't "cool kids" in graduate school.
We're all too mature and adult for cliques. Right? Right?!) 
But what I'm most terrified of is actually getting to campus.
Since moving here, I've spent precious little time driving the freeways
been avoiding the freeways like the plague.
Tonight I'll have to take the 405 to my orientation on campus.
Send me some good luck so I make it there in one piece.
And for the love of God, if you live anywhere near Los Angeles,
stay off the 405 between five and nine.
It's for your own safety. 


  1. You got it! Just leave early to avoid traffic and possible detours, and take your time. How exciting -- a new adventure begins!

  2. I love the outfit and your hair! So, so cute. But hey, good luck on your first day of grad school! That's so exciting, but get there safely! ;)


  3. Love the maxi skirt and chambray - you look cute!

    Good luck on your first day of grad school!!! you rock for taking that first step!

  4. ewwww traffic. and grad school ... I was going to say ewww to that too, but looking back, I kind of enjoyed it. {kind of}. but friends? oh my no. I don't think I made one friend. except for that one girl who helped me with my comps. yep, she was ok.
    you will do awesome!! wish you could come canoeing with me! I hear there is frozen custard along the way. ;)

  5. What an awesome adventure you are about to embark on!! Wishing you all the luck in grad school and on your drive there!! I live in San Diego, so the traffic is not as bad as the 405 - just give yourself plenty of time to get there. Better to be early!!

  6. Way jealous you're starting grad school. I want to go back so badly, it might have to wait until next fall....I'll have to stalk you further to figure out what you are majoring in!

  7. Good luck you will be great! Also love the outfit. And your hair is really awesome.

  8. Ha! You'll be fine, but I love that you threw out a warning. I too am awkward with small talk. And too I'm just always quiet until I get to know you, so I totally understand your concern over meeting your classmates. But you'll survive and be just fine. Have fun!

  9. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Just started following you :)


  10. Good luck girl! The 405 can be a bit intimidating, but you'll be fine!! xo

  11. Good luck lady! I hope it goes well!

  12. Good luck on your first day! And I am in love with your hair, it looks so cute! It would be great if you did a post explaining how to do it!

  13. Good luck on your first day! What are you getting your Masters in?

  14. Good luck starting school! I just started my grad program last month.. you will do great! What are you studying?

  15. Okay comments for this post: I feel you 100% on driving. I can't imagine driving the LA freeway, I can barely handle the highway by my suburban home. Also GOOD LUCK with graduate school. I'm only in undergrad, so I'm still debating whether I should or not. Also you are SO ADORABLE, no one will even think of being mean to you. I also am in love with your outfit from the maxi skirt to the jean top. And the braided hair. That's possibly my favorite hairstyle that I can't do to my own hair.

    And comment on your life: I clicked the "Our Story" button and almost died, you two are the cutest couple EVER. (I'm also totally a right brain too) I WISH I had had the love story you two have--my high school involved a lot of awkward crushes on guys who definitely did not like me back. You looked so pretty on your wedding day, and the picture of man love cracked me up. I'm currently looking through the rest of your buttons because I love that you're vegetarian (I wish I was) and that you're a writer! Sorry if I just totally rambled.

  16. Thank goodness the 405 has a semi pretty view, since it takes 4 or 5 hours to get anywhere on it. Good luck. Adore this post, love. I just posted pictures from my wedding reception. I'd love if you'd take a second to swing by. xo

  17. you look gr8 can we follow each other..?


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