Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Donna in Los Angeles.

Yesterday morning my mom flew back to Missouri after spending a whole week
with us (her very first trip to California!).
We went hiking in Palos Verdes (where I discovered that
Donna's fear of heights doesn't joke around. She couldn't get within
fifty feet of the fence at the top of the hill. She could hardly tolerate me
going near the edge...and so I proceeded to antagonize her by describing Ryan
and my plans to go sky-diving in the near future).
We cruised PCH up to Malibu for some delicious lunch and
a photo op on the way back, where I had the pleasure of taking a picture for a
vacationing couple (I have a sixth sense for when someone is longing to ask a stranger
to take their picture. I consider it my super-secret superhero power and my small
good deed to bestow upon the world).
We drove through Hollywood and visited the Greystone Mansion,
where a strange gothic wedding was about to take place. (The bride had black graffiti
on her dress and was wearing branches on her head like antlers. It was...interesting.) 
And I think Yoshi gained 5 lbs in doggy treats, courtesy of his pushover human Grandma.  
Plus, we reaped all of the benefits of having a mom in the house:
free housekeeping, a dedicated morning dog-walker
and freshly baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
It was a pretty sweet week,
and now we're eagerly awaiting my mom's next visit.
And not just for the cookies
(but sort of for the cookies). 

Redondo Beach Pier and King Harbor. 

"Our" beach. That's right, it's ours.

Beautiful Palos Verdes. 
A moment on my lips, forever on my hips...
...but worth it. Soo worth it. 
Yoshi, cashing in on the extra attention (like he doesn't get enough already). 
I know, I know, I'm very good looking.  
Drool-worthy garlic Parmesan fries at The Counter. 
Greystone Mansion. 

Handsome husband.  


  1. I really wanted you to call that mansion "your" house. I think Yoshi deserves a house like that. and for the record, you are very good looking. even with crossed-eyes. how do you do that? It's the clothes ... that's how. I need to work on that one.

  2. how fun. i wish my mom lived far away so that when she came to visit i could get all the benefits. but we live in the same BLOCK of eachother. what was i thinking when we bought our house!

  3. How Fun! I love mom visits, you look beautiful as always.

  4. What a wonderful trip! Looks like you two had an amazing time together. The wedding sounds interesting and you should have taken a picture. I bet she wanted her picture taken. By you. And your 6th sense. Or whatever.

    Also, that picture of yoshi kills me! Obviously you two never ever pay any attention to him whatsoever. ;]

  5. Looks so fun! Those cookies made me gain a few pounds just by looking at them...lord have mercy! LOVE your Malibu outfit...if I were to wear that top now, I would die from the humidity, but I could definitely see me wearing that in the Fall w/my boots :) I'm so jealous of your outfits...not that mine suck or anything, but you're always channeling my inner hippie haha...

    ...and Yoshi...that doggy deserve a whole lotta treats & if I ever came to visit, I'd bring a ton with me :)

  6. Mmmmmm cookies. I am not a sweet eater, but when I do its gotta be cookies

  7. What adorable photographs! You all look so happy - so glad it was such a great visit!


  8. Beautiful pics! Love that beach picture -- I wish I was at a beach right about now!

  9. LOVE mom visits!

    And I'm coming for a visit, just for those fries! YUM!

  10. I love all your pictures!! what fun things to do for someone visiting! you have such beautiful hair.. seriously its unfair!! :)


  11. awesommme!!

    love the post!

    I invite you to check out my blog.

  12. Cute Pictures!! I am ALWAYS offering to take pictures for others. My husband HATES when I stop people and ask them to take our pic (he prefers we just do it ourselves, and so we have 18,000 pictures of just our heads...) so to save another wife from having to deal with that, I always offer before they have to ask. And oh the cookies...Does she need someone to cook them for regularly? My hips my hate it, but I would love it! :)

  13. I WISH you took a sneaky picture of that wedding/bride. I would have been taking so many sneaky pictures.
    Give me those parmesan fries, and give me those cookies. SO delicious-looking.

  14. YOU are gorgeous, my dear! and those pictures are beautiful. Gotta admit, little jealous of you being in California. Sigh...

  15. Pretty pictures :)

    My aunt lives in Palos Verdes, love the area :)

  16. I LOVE when family comes to visit! What a fun looking time... and those COOKIES! yum
    You are too cute with your crossed eyes!

  17. Rrrrr ... your hhhaaiirrrrsss ... I want them. They are lovely. I think you should post about your hair and how you keep it looking so great.

    Also, way to have a good time with Mom :)

  18. Thanks for the lovely comment in my blog dear! I'm already following you. Hope you follow me back ♥ I really love your blog! And your recipes! Yummy!

  19. How gorgeous are you and your outfit with the red pants! Also, parm fries at The Counter are pretty much irresistible! xo

  20. What an amazing post and what a nice blog you have. Am a new follower. Hope you follow me back. Please, let me know=)*

  21. Now I just want to go to the beach!

    XO Michelle

  22. That looks like so much fun!!

    And the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies? Yes, please. Save me some next time she comes to visit! Haha, jk :)


  23. Looking at those garlic Parmesan fries it really made drool.

    Everything that is forbidden it's so tasty.

    Zadin ♥♥♥

  24. LOVE the pics! Looks like you had a fab visit with your momma. That beach shot is gorgeous and those cookies.. to die for!


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