Thursday, May 3, 2012

That one time I sleep-walked.

What I wore: Leggings & Scarf, AE. Jacket, Abercrombie. Sandals, Payless. 
Alright, so I'm copping out today.
We have visitors flying in this evening so I spent all day yesterday cleaning up the 
train wreck that I allowed our apartment to become. And you don't want to hear about that
because it'll just be all whiny.
So, here's what you get instead: 
My funniest embarrassing moment. 
This little story was included in the speech that got me my oh-so-prestigious high school
Homecoming Queen title, so it's practically guaranteed to brighten your day a bit. 
Let me set the scene. 
When I was in first grade, my family moved into a new house. It had two stories, 
and all of the bedrooms were on the second floor. My mom was worried about my brother and I
sleepwalking and tumbling down the staircase, so for the first few weeks she put up a safety gate across the doorway to the stairs and all was swell.
My brother has a tendency to do strange things in his sleep.
I don't sleep walk. Ever.
But the very first night after she took the gate down,
 I had my first (and only) sleepwalking adventure.
I don't remember walking down the stairs, but apparently I did.
And I made my way into the mudroom, 
where we kept all of our shoes and coats and scarves and whatnot. 
Annnnd apparently I thought the mudroom was the bathroom. And I needed to go.
Yes, I sleep-peed on the floor. 
And then, though I was still half-asleep, 
I sort of realized I'd done something wrong. The obvious solution? 
Try to clean up my mess with coats.
Yeah, that didn't work so well.
I abandoned that plan and instead decided I just needed to rid myself of the evidence.
So, I took off my underwear and put them on the kitchen table.
Why? I have no plausible explanation. 
And then I went back upstairs, put on a fresh pair of undies 
and went back to sleep like nothing had happened.
And the aftermath?
My mom walked into the mudroom in the morning and thought perhaps our dog
had an accident...until she saw the kitchen table. 


  1. Love the scarf/jacket/belt combo in the pictures :)

    & that story is so funny! I'm a sleep walker...there are many stories in my book...haha

  2. bahaha. This is hilarious!

  3. haha this story makes me laugh! I used to sleep walk when I was younger too. Love this outfit and the belted scarf!

    A Southern Drawl

  4. Hahaha this is wonderful. Thanks for brightening up my morning with your pee story.

  5. bahaha, that's terrible!

    I do love your outfit though... never would have thought to belt a scarf :)

  6. I actually have a dangerously similar story...Except it was a linen closet!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  7. Bahahahahahaha.. what did I TELL you about making me laugh at my computer! Gah! Too funny.

  8. Your outfit! I love the scarf tucked into the belt. Genius.

    That story is hilarious. I love sleep stories. So much. People are so funny in that state of mind.

  9. My oh my, what a horrifying story, but it makes me proud of you for sharing.

    You know.. I have never sleep walked, I do dumb enough things fully awake.

  10. Haha this is hilarious lol no one in my family really sleep walks but my I went away to college and I have this gold pig statue thing that me and my friends used to put and each others yards before college and my little sister sleep walked and went into my room and proceed to try and pee on my pig but my dad caught her in time to walk her to the restroom haha

  11. Haha yeeeep this is awesome!! Made me giggle

  12. hahahha thats so funny!! lovely outfit too!

  13. Love this look and what a great blog! hope you have a great day! xoxo

  14. Funny story! Love the belted scarf.

  15. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you all still talk about that?? I'm sure!

  16. OMG, so funny! I sleep talk alllll the time but never sleep walked haha.


  17. this is seriously hysterical! this is the first time i'm seeing your blog and i think you've already made a great impression. on another note, adorable sandals! and they're from payless? awesome. on it. excited to see more, funny girl! xo.

    So cute!!

  19. Oh my gosh...I died laughing reading this! So funny...I can see why it sealed the deal on your crown!

    And love the belted scarf + hair bun. So pretty!
    XO - Marion

  20. haha. Oh my! My sister sleep walked and we poured water on her to wake her up , because she just wouldn't wake up!lol. Funny

  21. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Oh no, isn't sleep walking so strange! I am more of a talker in my sleep and wake up with my arms asleep and it freaks me out. haha I just started following you , hope you follow me back :)

  22. Cracked me up. Literally LOL!!! New follower from:

    A Joyful Life

  23. This little story made me laugh out loud xD That's hilarious haha, my sister used to sleep walk a lot - I don't think I did too much though!

    I love the look of the scarf tied under the belt here - lovely outfit!


  24. That's hilarious! I love it! I've never sleepwalked, so I wonder what I would do if I did -- I would probably read and then I'd wake up and be like, "Who read my book?" Haha!

  25. Hilarious!! I've only slept walked once as well . . . it was at girl scout camp and I yelled at another girl forcing her to give me her cot. It was traumatizing to say the least when I woke up and heard everyone talking about it!

  26. lol hallerious!

  27. you are SO gorgeous! you have incredible style!

  28. omg you are too adorable I love how you used your scarf in a totaly new way :)

  29. That is hilarious!!! Great story.

  30. You're hair looks AMAZING! You should do a hair-care routine post!


  31. Ha!! Oh my gosh!! Girl you are stunning. Love your blog!

  32. LOL that is hilarious! Love your sense of humor and the fact that you can laugh about it now! xo

  33. cool blog! come to visit)

  34. Greetings from Estonia (far corner of Europe). Have been following silently for couple of weeks, but can´t keep my mouth shut now. Lovely blog, keep up the good work!

    I can´t stop laughing after reading about your sleepwalking incident. I have a friend who used to do crazy things in sleep - like unroll a whole roll of toilet paper in the living room. And once we shared a bed (in high school time I would think) she put a lamp shade on my head in the middle of the night.

    But have you heard of the Sleeptalkinman? records ans posts audios od her husbands sleeptalks - hilarious stuff!

  35. Sorry, messed up the link. Here you go:

  36. gahhhh I love your hair! I wish my hair could stay up like that without curly fly-aways! It's so beautiful! I love how you tucked your scarf into your belt, too... that's something I never do and you make it look so chic! XO!

    love, polly :D

    p.s. your new follower, too!

  37. super cute outfit!

  38. Loving this. Great pop of color!

  39. AMAZING outfit!! I love it so much! Fabulous blog too :_ Followed right away!!

  40. lovely casual look dear...


  41. Flippin' amazing! Of course that won you the crown! My hubby once peed on my backpack when I was in College, which means he was 23...It's not nearly as cute when a grown man does it. teehee

  42. very cute outfit

    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know so I can follow you back xx

  43. My husband once sleep peed on the bed. Not like lying down, oh no, stood up, held it in his hand, and peed on the bed I was sleeping in.


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