Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April showers bring May flowers.

Or sometimes, nice husbands do!
Ryan bought me this beautiful bouquet for Birthday Week.
We have a funny history with flowers. I'm not a huge flower girl,
but every once in awhile I do love having a bouquet to brighten up our kitchen table.
And sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly perfectionist, 
I transform into a weird Stepford wife version of myself
and I pick up some flowers at the grocery store.
A few months back, in December, I went grocery shopping while Ryan had a busy day in class,
and I saw a ton of pretty flowers on sale. 
Score, right? 
I picked out my favorites and put them in a vase when I got home.
What I forgot was that it was the anniversary of the day we started dating. 
Six years together!
But somebody remembered. And he came home early
with a package of Reeses Christmas trees (the way to my heart) and
the EXACT same bouquet I'd bought earlier in the day.
Literally, the exact same flowers.
Except he paid full-price because he's not the fantastic bargain hunter that I am. 
So every time he buys flowers now, 
I'll think of that day and giggle to myself. 
Great minds think alike, right?
Or maybe, after more than 6 years, he just knows me really, really well. 


  1. I am all over your blog today. It's Sharks fault.

    I love flowers. I think they brighten everything up. Including my mood. And the whole aura of our home.

    AND I love birthday week. One day, I'll make it birthday half a month :)

  2. My favorite type of flowers...gerber daisies and tiger lilies!!! Love them.

  3. Love the flowers and very funny story along with it. It is funny how people stay to think alike when being together for a long time.

    Carlee J

  4. I need to start celebrating birthday week, so sweet :)
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  5. What a cute story! The flowers are beautiful, yay for birthday week!!! xo

  6. Those are beautiful flowers & that flower story made me giggle! I'm like you too, randomly getting all Stepford Wives...and buying flowers. Funny.

  7. how cute! i love it when my husband and i are in sync with the same thoughts :-)

  8. That is so funny! I love kitchen table flowers!

  9. Hi Andrea,
    Your blog reminds me of the housewife I want to be one day. I am going to try some of your recipes..I think I'll start with the stuffed tomatoes. You're such a Cali-girl and I ♥ ur beautiful hair.
    I love your content and your blog's personality.
    I am honored to be your new follower.

    Tarah and the City

  10. Cutest story. If flowers weren't so expensive, I'd buy a new bouquet every week. They just make me happy. Eye candy!

  11. Such a lovely arrangement! Just looking at the picture makes me happy. Thoughtful husbands are the best.

  12. Husband and wife telepathy! I loveee fresh flowers in my house. I cannot wait for all my plants to bloom so I can trim off the flowers and make my own arrangements. That bouquet is just lovely! He did a fantastic job.

  13. beautiful flowers :)And Ilaughed cuz I'm not a huge flower person either but I looooove it when my bf gets me some

  14. Too sweet.


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