Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stuffed Tomatoes.

Recipe came from here!

6 small tomatoes
8 tbsp part-skim Ricotta cheese
3 tbsp Parmesan cheese
3 tbsp powdered pesto mix
2 cloves minced garlic
6 tbsp corn
10 tbsp Italian seasoned bread crumbs
dash salt and pepper

Cut tomatoes in half horizontally. Scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Dab centers until they're fairly dry. In a bowl, mix all ingredients except tomatoes and bread crumbs. Place tomato halves onto a lightly greased baking dish. Spoon the mixture into each tomato half. Top with bread crumbs (just shy of 1 tbsp per tomato half) and gently pat down. Bake for 15-20 minutes, then broil for about 1 minute.

Serves 4 (3 halves per serving) at 175 calories per serving. 


  1. YUM. Andrea. STOP IT. YUM.

  2. I've said this before, but these truly are making my mouth water. Gah!

  3. Oh my! That looks so delicious :) I am going to have to try it.

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  5. Oh jeeze, these seriously look delicious. I think they just made their way onto my menu for next week!


  6. I drooled all over myself reading this. (Only partly true)
    I'm making these as soon as I can

  7. Oh yum scrum..I love the look of these, I've been having a love affair with tomatoes of late and these look right up my street :o) xx

  8. Stop it. I can't even stand how good this looks! Tomatoes are my all time favorite and I feel like this dish might just become a staple in our house.

  9. I'm not the biggest tomato fan (other than ketchup and spaghetti sauce), but these look yummu!!


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