Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The most important story of your life.

What I wore: Skirt, Express. Top, Victoria's Secret. Sandals, Payless. 

In one of my writing workshops, a teacher (and a fabulous one, at that)
once explained fiction writing by asking us,
"If your character was given the chance to tell ONE story - the most important story of their life thus far - what story would they share? If the story you're writing isn't the most defining moment 
of your character's life, what makes it worth telling?"
 Her advice is always lingering in the back of my mind as I write, 
and this week I started thinking about it in terms of my own life story.
What would I consider my most important story at this point?
What do I think is my biggest accomplishment?
Would my life story make a decent read? 
I'm not really sure I could answer those questions. 
In high school, winning a state championship in pole vaulting was a big accomplishment (and I still consider it to be one) because it's probably the thing I've worked the hardest to achieve.
Marrying Ryan is obviously a huge part of my life story, but I don't know if it's so much a story in itself as it is a beautiful backdrop to the story of my life, if that makes any sense at all.
If I had to tell one story, and one story only, I have absolutely no idea what story I would share.
And I'm not sure what to think about that, except to think that maybe it means
my best story has yet to happen. 
Maybe my best story will be about changing the lives of my creative writing students.
Maybe it'll be about becoming a best-selling novelist (let's all cross our fingers for this one).
Maybe it will be something I can't even fathom yet.
When I first start writing a new story, I always know exactly how
the story begins and exactly how it will end.
In fact, with both novels I've finished, I wrote the beginning, the end
and then filled in the middle to take my characters from start to finish.
But in my own life, I think I thoroughly enjoy working toward an unknown ending.
And someday, years from now, when I look back at my past,
maybe I'll be able to write about the story that most defined my own life.

Do you know yours yet? 


  1. i just loved this post! i've been thinking a lot about this sort of stuff lately. i feel like i'm getting to a point in life where i should have a story or a defining moment and i don't know if i do or not. i would like to think my life story would be a good read but after reading this i just don't know. i think i might be in the same boat as you.

  2. I love that skirt, girl! And i cant compliment your hair enough! I want your hair lol


  3. I love this, I love writing, and I love people who do too!

    I may know what my story would be - I just don't know if I have the ending to it yet. I have some major health problems, though I do not define myself from them. It has shaped me into who I am and is a part of every decision I make. My story wouldn't be a story about a sick girl, it wouldn't be a story about a girl who overcame illness, it would be a story about a girl whose life changed forever from one doctor visit and from that moment has worked as hard has she can to become the person she is supposed to be - though that is the part I haven't quite figure out yet.


  4. Such a beautiful post (and outfit!) .. I love to write too and that is definitely some great advice your teacher gave you. Now you've got me thinking about my own defining moments! xo


  5. This is really a fantastic post- makes me think about a lot.
    All I can say is that I really hope my story is yet to come.

  6. Oh, good questions! Something to think about. I have been told (more than once) that I have a Forrest Gump life... so how would I pick one story? Maybe it would be that through all that (which is good, bad, ugly, and beautiful) made me become ME.

  7. i love this. i don't know what story i would tell either. but i think i should just live everyday as if it was going to be the story i would tell. i think i'll start doing that. tomorrow.
    x jes, www.twosmuppies.com

  8. Your hair is gorg! My story goes together with my purpose in life and it's slowly getting told. Everyone has a story :)

  9. Your hair is amazing. I want.

    I am trying to think of what my ONE story would be. It's a lot harder than it sounds.

    I would love to write a story. I think about it all the time but I have no idea how. Hahaha I am crossing my fingers and my toes for you to be #1 on the NY times best sellers list! How absolutely life changing would that be?! I mean, really.

  10. I hope that my best story has yet to happen too! Great post, you look absolutely lovely!


  11. I LOVE these questions. It's hard to think about what that ONE story could even be.

    I'm not sure if I've reached my greatest accomplishment yet.

    Lots to think about with these questions....thanks for sharing!

  12. hi :D
    i think it's hard to think at that ONE BIG IMPORTANT story..hehe, everybody has so much going on in their lifes, so much to tell, so much to live...
    maybe today we have one story, and in a few days there's an even bigger one,... :)
    but anyway i'm in love with your hair, and your look!
    you are so beautiful...
    i'm following you :D if you want we could follow each other :)
    thanks for dropping by on my blog..

  13. I love your outfit. You look beautiful :D nice blog!!

    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  14. [1] those shoes are payless?? CUUTE!!
    [2] soo crazy, I JUST had this conversation with someone and really was stumped! So glad you brought this back up bc I really feel inspired by living life this way!
    [3] love your tidbits..and that completely makes sense about your winning in pole vaulting..um hello gorgeous legs!!
    ok longest comment eva! Cheers to writing our own story!
    xo, Jess

  15. hello!thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.i am following you now!xxx

  16. i dont know story yet , butr your hair is fabulus!!

  17. i dont know story yet , butr your hair is fabulus!!

  18. Great post...... You are adorable.

  19. Loved this post! I don't have a story yet...maybe it's something we dont have until the end of our lives? I would hate to waste my greatest story on something, only to have something else happen that was really the greatest story of my life.

  20. Incredible advice. I love that you shared it. I have a lot of thoughts about this...but it would probably take 20 comment forms to go through!

  21. so glad i just stumbled upon your blog!

    xo, lizzie

  22. Love this post! I would write about my family and how wonderful life has been since I married the man of my dreams. Thanks for posting this. xo

  23. Awww what a lovely read!!! Fab post!
    Love your skirt too - very pretty photos!

  24. You pole vaulted? That's so awesome. I love these blues in your outfit.

     A Southern Drawl

  25. Cute outfit and very thought provoking post. If I had to choose one story, one moment of my life to share, it would be the the day I became a Christian. That single decision has had the biggest impact on me as a person and my life as a whole.
    If I could pick another moment I'd pick the day I got married! :)
    Great post! I'll be thinking about this for a while...

  26. first I want to tell you Happy Be-lated Birthday! 2nd as always you look very lovely in your pretty skirt and top. I'm excited for you and all that you're accomplishing. I've always thought my story would make a great book... I'm afraid I lack the writing talent to be able to tell it the right away. Long story short it would be about a young girl who goes through hell and back and only through God's grace makes it through it all. Great post! :)

  27. i loved that you said marrying was a beautiful backdrop to your life, great word choice! and your hair is unreal gorgeous!

  28. Wow, you're so beautiful!! And thank You for your lovely Comment! Follow You now :)

  29. I think of the story of my life as being all the chapters in it. There isn't one story I could tell, but lots of sipnits...I think that is the beauty of life in general and what makes us who we are are. So glad you stopped by my blog because it led me to yours!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  30. I sure do.....unexpectedly having my baby doodle! Love this post!
    Brooke @ what2wear, monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  31. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looking forward to following along on yours! BTW I love your hair, soooo gorgeous!!

  32. Lovely! definitely followed you. hope you follow back too


  33. your hair is perfect! thanks for the sweet comment, let's follow each other! x

  34. You know.. that story, the one that defines you.. I'm excited to read it here one day, so don't ever leave.

    And my moment, that defining moment.. yes.. I have that story, i know it so well.. I'm forever changed.

  35. what a beautiful post! You have me stumped... I'm sitting here thinking about where I would even begin to answer those questions. loved this post!

    p.s. i'm loving your cute nail polish (mint green) and your shoes! xo

  36. What a beautiful look! This is what I call a casual chic! You look amazing dear!
    And your hair is simply gorgeous!




  37. great look :-) I love Vicorias secret :-)

  38. I am totally crushing on your hair right now. Just so you know.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  39. Thanks for you sweet comment.
    Really like your blog. Great outfit!
    Maybe we can follow each other if you want?

    Love, Joyce

  40. I love it!!! :)



  41. Great post! Definitely food for thought. I like to think the best is yet to come. You're always going to have goals you want to achieve. And once you do at that moment in time it'll be the best story. You have to keep adding to it. Giving each it's on chapter!


  42. You are GOOOOORGEOUS. Oh my Lorddd. Love those pictures! Such a cute outfit!

  43. I'm definitely still in the process of figuring out my story! :)

    And holy guacamole you have the PRETTIEST HAIR EVER! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  44. Beautiful look. Your hair is gorgeous.

  45. I used to think that I would have a successful career and that would define me, but now supporting my soldier and being married to the man of my dreams, may just be my defining story...I'm totally ok with that ;) Publishing a book would be pretty awesome too! Good luck girl, I believe in you!!


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