Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Proof that we're not real adults.

You know what happens when you give Ryan an energy drink?
Terrible things.
We first learned this on a group road trip to Chicago when someone made the 
mistake of giving him a 5 hour energy shot and he turned into an incoherent crazy person.
On the last day Amer and Stephanie were here, we spent the afternoon 
at The Getty Center. And the boys drank Monster on the way there.
Did I mention that The Getty is a museum?
And that Ryan turns into a loud, hyper nutcase when he's caffeinated?
If you've ever walked into a museum, you know how instantly silent it is the moment you enter.
Well, when we stepped through the museum doors, Ryan was laughing like a hyena,
which earned us some very dirty looks from the security guard.
But he got it together and zipped his lips (for the most part).
We made our way through a few rooms, when another security came up to us all of the sudden and said, "Which one of you had a drink with you?"
We were terribly confused. 
We explained to him that none of us brought a drink inside,
and finally we convinced him. 
As we were leaving that room, he pulled us aside and he
congratulated Ryan for "handling himself very well".
He explained that when we came into the museum,
another security guard warned everyone on the walkie-talkies that a
"guy in an orange shirt was coming through" 
and that he "was a little bit too excited"
But apparently, Ryan had done a good job"settling down"
as he made his way through the exhibits.
Well, this is embarrassing, but, thanks, I guess?
Afterward, we rewarded ourselves for "good" museum behavior
by stopping at Diddy Riese for customizable ice cream sandwiches.
All just further proof that we can't be considered real adults yet. 

P.S. Today I'm guest posting at one of my favorite style blogs, Dreaming en Francais.
And I'm talking about how my personal style used to mean sweatpants.
Lots of sweatpants. Check it out! 


  1. Oh my gobs. Diddy Riese. I am crying inside. CRYING.

  2. Super funny story! At least you made it though the museum. I am excited for your post about how you only used to wear sweatpants. That used to be me to!

  3. Hahaha I love this. Did he think he was drunk? That is super awkward that he pulled you aside to be like, "good job getting it together." I said that in my man voice, FYI. Last year, Evan and I were in a super super super expensive pottery shop and he handed me a mug and I didn't have it and we dropped it. Nothing broke but we could not stop laughing about it. We got asked to leave. So we're not grown ups either. Plus grow ups are booooorrring! ;]

  4. I can always ALWAYS count on ice cream in your posts, it's comforting.

    Once I drank two 5 hour energies - while I was driving across the country in the course of an hour.. I seriously am shocked I am alive, shocked.

  5. All the food pictures are making me hungry! those crepes looked soo good!


  6. I want you to know that I was laughing out loud for most of this.
    We went to the Getty during our LA visit, so I know how calm and quiet that place is.
    Those ice cream sandwiches are divine.

  7. Wow that sounds really impressive. I can run 10 km in just over an hour, but that's all. Can you recommend me running shoes? Need some new.

    If I could change my life for someone else, I'd choose yours! :)

  8. That is too funny.. and sounds like something that would happen to us if the boyfriend's friends were involved! But no better way to reward yourselves than with Diddy Riese.. YUM! xo

  9. That's so funny...I hate quiet places & people who look at you like you're crazy when you're everything but quiet. College football is a big deal around here, and we went to a game once where our team lost. There were something like 10,000 people leaving the stadium that afternoon and you could hear a pin drop. It was so quiet. I was scared to talk...I thought someone might would jump me. Creepiest thing EVER!

    & that ice cream sandwich? I died. I need an ice cream sandwich that looks that good!

  10. Yes I'll come here again. :) And thanks for the tip!

  11. hahah this is amazing. so so funny! and those ice cream sandwiches look seriously incredible!

    i just found your blog through dreaming en francais. so happy i did. love your blog and your style! x

  12. The best part about being a quasi-adult? NO PARENTS around to tell you not to eat ice cream sandwiches as a meal :)

  13. 1. Not surprised.
    2. Favorite picture is the one of Amer peeking around the statue. Seriously laughed out loud because at first glance I thought it was a 2 headed statue.
    3. I didn't comment yesterday, but in my list of most visited sites you have inched past Youtube and Blackboard (but let's be honest...homework was never a real priority.) are important.

  14. lovelyyyy photos! those ice cream sandwiches look amazing! xx

  15. hahahaha That is hilarious. At least he got compliments if that's what you'd call them from the security guard. Also you have a memorable trip now :)

  16. Hahaha oh my gosh. Ryan... That's so funny! Looks like you had a blast ;)


  17. Hah! This is awesome, gotta love energy highs

  18. This is exactly how my husband gets if he has anything with orange dye in it. Uhhh my gosh, it's like a trip to crazyville.

    P.S. We're not real adults either.

  19. It looks like you are taking advantage of exploring your new area! And having way too much way along the way!!

  20. Those ice cream sandwiches look so Delicious! And that is pretty funny that he gets crazy on caffeine.

  21. hahahaahha theres always someone that goes a little to crazy when drinking energy drink! Love your pictures, they're so nice!

    Ruth xxxx

  22. 1. Ryan sounds JUST LIKE my boyfriend Matthew when it comes to sugar and energy drinks. I can tell FIVE MINUTES after he's had too much. He just goes nuts...

    2. Yay for sweatpants and not being real adults yet! Story of my life... but for real.


  23. Looks fantastic.! Enter my ROMWE giveaway!

  24. you have such a fun way of writing. and i love your pictures. xx


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