Thursday, May 17, 2012

Living in these pages.

For me, the scariest part of writing isn't about writing at all.
It's about reading.
The writing part comes easily, and as I'm writing it feels like every word I put down
on the page is perfect. And in the moment of writing it, every word is perfect.
They are the words that first come out when I get into the emotion of the story,
and it's exciting because I can finish a chapter and feel like
I've just completed something amazing.
But in the back of my mind,
I always know I'm going to have to go back and read my own writing,
and that's the terrifying part.
Because what if it's not so great once I've distanced myself from the emotions of writing it?
What if a scene I thought came across as powerful and fluid
is actually pretty cheesy?
What if my characters aren't likable or relatable like I thought they were?
I read once that authors need to take time away from a piece of writing
before they even think of sending it to agents or editors
because in the days and weeks after finishing a story,
you're still too emotionally attached to it to see it objectively.
And I couldn't agree more.
But the waiting part is scary,
because it's during that period of time
when something you thought was magical
can turn into something that's only mediocre.


  1. I did the same thing with my essays in school. I just could not for the life of me go back and read them when I was done. Which made things difficult when it came time to proofread them!

  2. I completely understand this. The act of writing is probably the most vulnerable you'll ever be. Even if it's fiction. You know your characters so intimately. When I go back and read my stories, I always think they're terrible, LOL. That's why I usually don't let others read the final draft. But be brave! I know it's scary but think of all you've already accomplished! It is so amazing that you've completed a novel. YOU'VE WRITTEN A NOVEL!! How many other people you know can say that?

  3. I'm the type the loves to be on the other side...proofreading, content editing, telling you that the romantic scene is actually as steamy as you imagined, or that it's turned more of a porno. That's when the real magic happens...when creative juices combine and the best of both worlds collide!
    Good luck!!!

  4. You are an inspiration!! you are an amazing writer I'm sure...I totally know what you mean about the whole reading it through and even more difficult letting others read it! But it's all good and part of the process...if you are interested...I took an amazing course from Shannon Ethridge- do you know her? Anyways, she is popular Christian author/speaker, written tons of books. She does a mentoring course called BLAST (Building Leaders, Authors, Speakers,and Teachers) she is soooo wise and encouraging and knows a ton about the process of writing and submitting stuff...but you probably do too ;)

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I've learned over the years that I need to give myself at least two weeks after I've written a chapter or section before I go back and read it. Otherwise I'll still think it's totally fine when really I'm just kidding myself. lol

  6. I feel likt his too. I feel like sometimes it prevents me from writing something wonderful too. I need to get back in the mind-frame that I'm writing because I love to. And not judge and be so critical with my own work. They'll be plenty of time to polish it up.

    But I love hearing that you feel this way as well. Keep up the wonderful work!

  7. That last sentence you wrote on this post was very well-said. And i think that's why you are a writer and not me! you have a way with words!

    A Southern Drawl

  8. I've always found the editing part to be the most nerve-wracking, whether it's for creative writing or just something I've written for a class. But you are an amazing writer and I'm sure you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Good luck!! xo

  9. Sometimes I feel the same way! It's like I know what I want to say and express but just can't find the correct words to fully reveal it. Sometimes I go back and forth before I'm finally happy.

  10. I hear you loud and clear. Writing is fun; reading it later can be exhilerating or deflating. So true for me, too.

  11. For me this is often times the opposite. I become extremely critical as I go over what I've written and hate it. But it eventually grows on me after I've let it age and get critique on it from others. But sometimes, I never quite love it as much or the same way others do, no matter how well it was written. It's a strange relationship, to say the least.

  12. writing a blog post every morning scares me enough. so you, my dear, are simply amazing. no matter what, you've already gone further (or is it farther?, it's scary writing comments on a real writer's blog!) than so many. you've already gotten this far. you've got this. you do.

  13. This is how I feel most of the time with my writing as well. Sometimes I go back and read things years later and I can't help but feel embarrassed with how frank and borish I was with my writing.

    Other times though, when I've truly found a good piece, I can relish in every letter used to create such a masterpiece.

    Give it time and you will appreciate who you were at the time you wrote it. :)

  14. I totally understand and I am certain it's absolutely fantastic! :)

  15. very true!! this is even true for the research papers and things i need to write now. im like, i wrote that? wow, i do not sound like i graduated hs, lol!

  16. I feel the same way when I write. It's painful when you look back at your work and realize that it wasn't as great as you thought it was when you were working on it. But I've found that the more I write, the more proud I become of the finished product. It really takes a long time to learn your own style. Great post!

  17. I feel the same way. I'm really uncomfortable with my own work, except when I finish medical research papers. Something about technical writing is easier...lots of rules, less to judge. I'm sure it is fabulous!

  18. Gah, I thought it was just me going through this with the story I'm writing!

    I'm so scared to go back & read what I've written. At the moment, I'm writing a little bit and then taking a break to collect ideas and then I started writing again. But when I'm writing, I get so excited as the ideas just flow onto the page and the story unfolds in my head.

  19. Love this! So deep. Your blog is fabulous.

  20. wow... that is so freaking awesome you are writing a book!?!?!?!?! I hope someday I can do that... but I guess I need to come up with a story first.. haha

  21. Exactly what I do. I begin second guessing EVERYTHING. I have to read everything out loud to really hear how it flows.


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