Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A confession from my obsessive personality.

I have a confession to make.
Recently, I've become obsessed with blogging. 
Probably too obsessed.
I've been busy trying to make each feature of my blog the best it can be, 
trying to grow my readership, and exploring the thousands of
other awesome blogs out in blogland.
I've gotten so wrapped up in it, I've been neglecting other parts of my day.
I haven't spent enough time exercising or cleaning 
and I've been perfecting my blog posts instead of putting the finishing touches on my novel.
I'll admit, I've got a bit of an obsessive personality, and when I begin a project
I often jump in headfirst. That's definitely what happened with this blog.
And when it grew quickly, I was seriously enthralled.
"People are reading stuff I write! The internet likes me!"
I'll admit, it was pretty cool. And I just wanted to keep it up!
I knew I'd been spending a bit too much time in blogland, but that sort of came to a head
a couple days ago when I lost a few "followers" and I was seriously bummed. And worried.
Did I offend someone? Did they just decide I wasn't that cool, after all?
Who knows.
But I was sad about it; probably sadder than I should have been.
And then I gave it some more thought, and I realized I was being a bit of a lunatic.
Sometimes I feel like blogland is the 20-something
girl's version of a high school popularity contest.
Who has the most readers, who has the most perfect outfits,
who goes on the coolest vacations?
I love blogging; I love reading about other people's lives
and I love that there are wonderful folks out there who actually like reading my own ramblings.
But in five years, which is going to be more important to me?
Having "X" number of followers or publishing a novel?
The latter. Duh.
So, I'm re-prioritizing, PRONTO.
Fiction first, exercising second, blogland third and cleaning...still last.
(Sorry, cleaning, I don't think you'll ever move up on my priorities list.)
Which doesn't mean I'm going to be posting less...
I just may be slower at responding to your awesome comments,
and I'll probably have less time to stalk other blogs.
It's fine if my blog's not the best lifestyle blog in the whole world.
The reason I started a blog in the first place was to document our life
and to share it with our friends and family.
And, really, how am I supposed to blog about my life if I don't have one?


  1. I feel ya. I love your blog and you won't lose me as a reader! =)

  2. I completely agree! It has taken over my life! I love your blog!!

  3. I have to remind myself all the time that blogging isn't about anything else but for me. But it gets hard. Especially when you notice you lose followers. That happened to me the other day and it was hard not to wonder why! Actually, I probably know why. I spoke of man parts and farts that day ;)

    Big hugs to Yoshi! And you, of course.

  4. Preach it girl! It's so easy to compare and get caught up in the world of blogging that sometimes we (and our inner writers) forget why we started writing in the first place. Props to you for writing about this so openly. :)

  5. Bahaha I actually had the same epiphany this weekend.....being a stay at home mom I looked to the blogosphere to keep my in touch with the outside world....but I realized that what was in my house is way more important!!! But I still like to occasionally check my favorite blogs, like yours :)

  6. i think we can all relate. finding that 'happy medium' can be challenging. it's easy to get lost in the spiral. the other night sherman was whining for me to play fetch and i told him to lay down so that i could work on my blog. uhhhhh, wrong answer. i knew right then and there i needed to reprioritize. great message.

  7. "how am I supposed to blog about my life if I don't have one?" isn't that the truth! :D

    Just stumbled across your space, and I'm liking it!

  8. I always gets offended when someone comes and reads/comments on my blog once or twice & then I go read theirs, like it, follow it & comment every day...and then they never ever come back to my blog again, or if they do...they never comment.

    But, I get to a point where I don't care anymore. I write what I want, and I started the blog to write about anything I wanted to. Whether anyone reads or comments, shouldn't matter to me :)

    I'm currently writing a novel too, and I find myself caring more about about writing a blog post at night than writing in my novel. I really would love to have a novel published someday...so that's probably where I should be putting my priorities too.

  9. I love this blog post! It's so honest and real. I completely agree with you it can completely take over your life!!!! Go you for taking a step back from it!


  10. It's so easy to get OCD about this blogging thing. I think my hubby is starting to think I'm a bit crazy, with my ongoing comments of "so what do you think of this otr should I blog about this". I like your new approach. I do think it's pretty silly that you lost followers. I don't get it. your blog is AWESOME and so are YOU!

  11. I so know what you mean!! Finish your book so we can all read it!!

  12. I just wrote a post about this today. I scheduled it for tomorrow. On that note, I should probably go clean something!

  13. I think the blogging world can be very exhausting and that's why I have to try and stay focused on why I started blogging in the first place. It's a fun creative outlet and I don't think it should be a burden or stressful!

  14. Advice you didn't ask for.

    I have to pick favorites, I have to read only those I really love, I have a life, I have things I need to do, etc.. and it doesn't make me bad, it makes me normal.

    I don't go out searching for more followers, I don't want a big blog, the idea of not "knowing" my followers makes me sad. small and simple.. people keep finding me and I think.. oh no, small and simple.

    I'm keeping you delayed in response or not, because you make me happy, my ice cream loving blogger.

  15. I think I wrote a post similar to this about a year ago and just ended up stopping blogging. It was getting too overwhelming and I felt like it was a job. I took a break, and came back and I am so much happier now. Keep up the awesome work and continued prayers for your book!

  16. I love your blog so I'm glad your obsessed! I'm your newest follower!!

  17. likeee your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!


  18. I'm glad you found my blog! I love new blogs to read.. I'm a new follower:)

    followme@ www.studentswife.com

  19. its all good! :D


  20. It happens. I think all good bloggers have an obsession period followed by a prioritizing period. I definitely have been there! I know that the most important things are usually outside of blogland, but sometimes it's nice to escape real life!

  21. This is all so true. I think it's so easy to get caught up in the numbers, and I'm pretty sure it happens to us all at one point or another.. until we come to the realization that there ARE many more important things out there, and it's definitely more important to ENJOY life first, document it second. Well said, lady! xo


  22. Uhm... CAN I JUST SAY AMEN?!

    Seriously, this is exactly how I've been feeling as-of-late. I too, have a bit of an obsessive personality, if you will.

    I obsess for the opposite reasons though (read: is anyone even reading this?!)

    But really, I need to remember why on earth I started writing in the first place.

    Thanks for the post, I understand :)

  23. What a great post!! I totally feel the same way you do about wanting to have a lot of readers and getting frustrated if I don't and blah blah blah! You're spot on about all of the above!!...especially the cold hard truth that cleaning will likely never move up on the list of priorities! Hah! ...I love your blog, just for the record! =)

  24. I think it's natural to obsess over blogging... it's also natural to become discouraged by it. I go bath and forth myself. Also, we all loose followers... (dont I know it) for one reason or another, most likely for unpredictable reasons. I would say, enjoy it while you can... and just try to keep your chin up during the times blogging isn't as faithful to you as you are to it :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  25. Good for you!! :) Thanks for being real and honest. I'll still be reading. Do your thing!! :)

  26. Amen to that! I feel like I got a little too wrapped up in it in the beginning. It can feel a little like a popularity contest and it's hard not to get sucked into it.

  27. It is so wasy to get sucked in! Bloggers are the best! :) Glad you found me... love your blog!

  28. I love reading your blog, so I'm glad you love blogging! Good for you for prioritizing though! I need a little of that in my life!

  29. Girl. I just posted about this exact same thing the other day. Just blog for YOU. This is what I have learned.


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