Monday, April 30, 2012

Kicking off birthday week!

"Treats, treats, treats, treats! I'm being good, now give them to me." 
My birthday always seems to land right in the middle of other big events.
In high school, prom was ALWAYS the same weekend as my birthday.
In college, my birthday ALWAYS fell just before or during finals week.
And, of course, Cinco de Mayo is the day before my birthday so I always like to pretend
Mexican restaurants are throwing a celebration just for me, because I love their food so much.
This year, Ryan has an enormous project due at work in mid-May, 
which means he's going to have a lot of late nights leading up to and following my birthday.
Stinks, right? I'm not good at sharing.
But this week is "Birthday week"
and though, once again, I'm sharing it with other things, I'm pumped to start the celebration!
Our freshman year of college Ryan and I
lived in dorm buildings just across the street from each other.
The last morning in April, he showed up at my dorm
with my favorite Starbucks drink and walked me to class.
Each day that week, all the way up until my birthday, he surprised me with a little gift.
Best week ever? I think yes.
And thus, our "Birthday week" tradition was born.
Some years are more elaborate than others, but it's always a ton of fun. 
Who doesn't want to spread out the birthday fun over an entire week? 
(Only lame people, that's who.)
Birthday week kicked off a bit early on Friday when I got a package in 
the mail from my parents. Nosy Yoshi mistakenly thought it was addressed to him
and proceeded to sniff it all over. And, of course, my mom sent some treats for him
because how could you deny that cute doggy face?
See all that yummy candy? My stash has been replenished!
(My cute face must be hard to deny as well.)
The rest of this week is all about anticipatory energy...
we have friends flying in on Thursday and they'll be here for just over a week,
so we have loads of fun activities planned. 
It's going to be like Birthday week on steroids over here!
Let the fun begin! 


  1. Oh, I love the idea of birthday week. Hope you have a great one! And with that candy, I think you will!

  2. I want a whole week! How cute that he brought you a little gift everyday. That's a good man!

  3. So wonderful! Happy birthday week!

  4. That little doggie is such a cutie. Adorable blog!

  5. How fun?! What a great tradition! Happy Birth Week :)

  6. I love the idea of birthday week!!! ^_^. Enjoy it!

  7. I love your blog! Happy birthday!! xxx

  8. Happy Birthday WEEK!!! I seriously laughed out loud at the picture of your baby, he's so serious about his treats.

  9. it's my birthday week, too! but my birthday's on wednesday. i always celebrate for like 5 days because it's just no fun to only have ONE day. i hope your WEEK is spectacular and your husband isn't too insanely busy!


  10. never too old to have a birthday week!
    Enjoy :)
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  11. Birthday week is my favorite week of the year! Sounds like you have some excitement ahead of you!

  12. Happy Birthday week!! I hope it's fabulous...I always try birthday week for myself and it never takes off. Selfish people I guess...what's wrong with wanting an entire week to celebrate the day of me? :)

  13. yay birthday week! i really love other people's birthdays. i hope you have a wonderful birthday week! also, that picture of your Yoshi pup is to die for! also, do you want to button swap?
    happy birthday week! <3

  14. birthday packages are the best!

  15. Happy Birthday! Your dog is seriously cute!

  16. Haha yay for the kick off of birthday week, I hope you enjoy your treats :)
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  17. Birthday week sounds so fun! Enjoy your chocolates! Yoshi is just precious :)

    The Tiny Heart

  18. There is nothing better than getting a package or letter in good ole snail mail! I hope you continue to get lots of birthday lovin all week! Since today is the 1st of May, you should just go ahead and declare this 'birthday month' and celebrate all month long!

  19. Birthday week sounds awesome I wonder if I can pull that of around here :) Sounds like you have awesome parents to send you yummy treats that's completely rad.

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  21. What a cute tradition! Happy "Birthday Week" to you! :)

  22. Birthday week is a wonderful idea! My birthday is during fall semester finals week, so I know what you mean about everyone being preoccupied.
    And, are those Reeseʻs cups AND peanut butter M&Ms in your care package? Those are two of my favorite candies. :)

  23. Ha, I love that expression on Yoshi's face. He looks like a total character! And lucky you getting a box of lollies in the post. Happy Birthday Week!!

  24. AWWW AWWW AWWW I want your puppy! lol, I have a seriously unhealthy obsession with dogs. You know the term "cat lady?" yeah, well, that's me when I'm 80 years old… only "dog lady" is what they'll call me. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! :)
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  25. yay for birthday weeks on steroids. happy birthday!!
    xo TJ

  26. I also love having a birthday week ha! why not i say! have an amazing time x

  27. Oh my! Your dog is such an adorable cutie-pie!



  28. girl- we totally do birthday week in this house!! It's so fun to celebrate!!! plus I love the jean jacket you posted, they never go out of style!


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