Friday, May 18, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

Yoshi likes sunbathing outside on our balcony. Sometimes, the screen door blows shut and he gets trapped
out there. And his mean mommy takes pictures instead of letting him back inside. Just look at that
glare. I think he's cursing me in dog language. 
I finally got my pretty new lavender nail polish! My fingers are so lady-like now. 
I mended a hole in Ryan's jeans. It's almost like I'm a real, legitimate housewife. Except I don't clean.

  • It's been so warm lately that we've been leaving our windows open at night (because our apartment lacks AC...which is still a strange concept for this former Missourian to grasp). And we've discovered that our apartment complex smells like farts at night. Ryan thinks it's due to the lagoon nearby, and that maybe the shifting wind at night puts us in its direct, smelly path. I think it's skunks: when I was driving home, I saw an animal dart across the street in front of me. At first it looked like a squirrel with a seriously large tail but upon closer examination, I saw it was black and white striped. What's a skunk doing in the middle of a city?! Silly skunk.
  • Wednesday I went to pick up some Dominos for dinner. When I arrived, they said they had no order for me. Guess what? I ordered from the wrong Dominos. Face-palm. I then proceeded to drive across town to retrieve my pizzas. (But they were still totally worth it.)
  • I've got a 5K coming up. On Sunday. Like the day that comes after tomorrow. And I haven't run in weeks. This should be...interesting. 
  • This week, I went into Target for some toiletries and dog food. $115 and one sweet pair of shoes later, I made it back home. How does this happen?
  • When I wrote Novel #2, I wrote it in the "notebook layout" of Microsoft Word. You can't indent in that layout. So now, I have to go through every single page and indent each paragraph one by one. But on a positive note, I've completely finished revising the second draft! I've given it to a few wonderful people already, but I'm hoping for all the feedback I can get. If you'd like to edit/critique/read-and-laugh-at my novel, shoot me an email! 
  • Ryan kicked butt giving a big, important presentation yesterday at work. He showed me some of the things he presented, and I thought the schematic looked like a map of a school building with giant toes inside. And THAT is why I'm not an engineer. 
  • The smells of summer: fresh cut grass, the salty ocean breeze and coconut suntan lotion. Ahhh. 
  • Yesterday I had my very, very last face procedure done (for the whole story, check this out). I had a chemical peel done, which only took about 15 minutes and should help reduce some of the marks on my face that acne has left behind. The entire treatment is supposed to keep working for several weeks still, so if you're lucky, I'll post some before and after photos in a month or so.
  • Today is my second husband's birthday. I know what you're thinking...second husband? But he's Ryan's best friend. And he proposed to me first, when we were in high school, so it's okay. Happy Birthday, Alex!
  • I got the 25 cent dryer EVERY time I did a load of laundry this week. Apparently, other people don't do their laundry at 8:30 in the morning. I think I found my new favorite laundry time. 

  • A day in the life of our nonsensical text message conversations: 

Ryan: I like literally ate a hot dog...
R: "litraly"
Andrea: Umm, why are you eating dogs?
R: You mean you had lunch
A: Wha?
R: Litraly
A: Ima punch you.
R: I want my bangs back!
A: That's it. I'm not letting you back into the apartment tonight.
R: What about that awkward moment when we make eye contact through the windows?
A: I did your laundry this morning, but I'm thinking about hiding all of your clean underwear now.
R: Don't do it...
A: I'm doing it, brah.
R: U better not bree...
A: Bring me presents, or the grundies die.


  1. I love your nail polish! And your pug is adorable.

  2. Yoshi's glare reminds me of kaiba's glare when I do the exacyt same thing to him :) I hope you do well on your run this weekend. you will. How exciting that you finish with your peels. Happy Birthday to your 2nd hubby. ha ha Happy Friday and weekend!

  3. Nail polish is beautiful...

    ...and I love doggy glares. They're meant to be so mean, but they never fail to be cute!

  4. We do the Brah and Bree thing too!!!
    So funny.

  5. hahahah So cute. and so funny. I would totally do the dominos thing and then have to drive across town just to get my pizza. 115 dollars and a pair of shoes is how i go! haha you're darling!

  6. Haha, I haven't gone to Target in months for that very reason! I always wind up dropping tons of cash there even if I only planned on buying a 99 cent nail polish :)

    Enter my giveaway!

  7. Haha, I haven't gone to Target in months for that very reason! I always wind up dropping tons of cash there even if I only planned on buying a 99 cent nail polish :)

    Enter my giveaway!

  8. I always have the same experience at Target. It's a danger zone.

  9. I don't understand how Target can get away with that so easily. I go in for Q-Tips and a tank top and wind up carrying home a tissue box holder, and oven mit, and a new motorized toothbrush. Why?

  10. You are so funny!! And yoshi is too cute, especially with with his white beard cursing doggie glare! Have a fab wkend!!

    xo, sam

  11. Oh this post made me laugh! That poor puggy being left outside! :) And how does Target get us every. single. time?!

  12. Same thing happens to me at Target all the time!! I went in the other day for something random and came out $80 and $20 were new food/water bowls for Floyd that I decided he "needed"!

  13. That nail polish is fabulous. I just found your adorable blog - new follower!

  14. Congrats on your second revise of the novel! That is so awesome!! Also Yoshi does look a little mad at you, maybe it's time for lots of kisses to be shared between you 2. Just Saying ;)

  15. Ahaha! I just did that whole "order pizza and then go to pick it up at the wrong place" thing just last week! LOL ;)

  16. I'm sorry about your smelly apartment complex hahaha and my husband is seriously going to stop letting me go to target by myself bc I keep coming back with bags of clothes and im like "what, I just went grocery shopping!"
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  17. I've done the Dominos thing. With multiple restaurants- oops! And the 5k thing. Double oops :)

    Also, Target is the black hole of shopping and money.

    I <3 Target

  18. Those text convos are hilarious! I love yoshis glare.

  19. ah I have ordered pizza at the wrong location before too. If I remember right I think it was pizza hut. It was when I lived in the middle of no where and the next one was a half hour away. They felt bad and ended up giving us free pizza! Glad I live in a bigger city now haha Your pup is so darn cute!

  20. Target gets me every.single.time! Ugh!

  21. I'm lavender with envy over that nail polish...!!

  22. Love that nail polish & damnnnnn that's one beautiful ring!!!!!!!!!! :) and bahahaha about Target. That sounds like me... I went a few weeks ago JUST for a picture frame & spent over $100 on random home goods hahaha

  23. Hiya-LOVE the purple nail polish! Just read you are a midwest transplant like me-I'm in Cali from Kansas :) Thanks so much for following my blog-just followed yours too.

    Let's keep in touch-

  24. New reader to your blog. LOVE! Cheers to cuteness all around.


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