Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's mail time!

This pig is nosy.
Like, "Oh, you're eating food? Give me some. Please? Please? Please?
Look at how big and watery I can make my eyes. I can has your food now?"
And it works. He always gets the last bite.
I'm trying to learn his tricks so that Ryan will
take me for ice cream any time I ask.
Unfortunately, when I make my eyes big I just look like an insane person.
But, you know who else is nosy?
Credit card companies.
They keep mailing us applications we don't want.
But the best part of credit card applications is
that they come with a prepaid return envelope.
So, what you do is you take all of your unwanted junk mail
("Oh, you're not in need of a garage door replacement? 
What about some coupons for Hardees breakfast sandwiches?
I'll bet the credit card company is hungry.")
and you stick it in the prepaid returned envelope,
then you mail the envelope back to the credit card company.
I'm curious who opens the mail there.
I hope they find this game as amusing as we do. 

P.S. Speaking of nosy...those questions from yesterday?
Those were pretty phenomenal. I can't wait to answer them!


  1. Haha this made my day. Take that stupid credit card harrassers!

  2. LOL my husband does the same thing. Throws some coupons in the envelope and off it goes!! I think it's so funny.

  3. Our pups are the saaaame way! It's heartbreakingly annoying.

    And, seriously, we probably get at least 1 credit card application a day. They should jump on the "being green" bandwagon and lay off with the paper!

    p.s. you're super cute in the pictures from your post yesterday :)

  4. HAHA! That is so funny! I have to remember to do this next time!

  5. lol! Brilliant! I'm gonna have to try this.

  6. we do the same thing with prepaid envelopes!!!!

    and yoshi, those eyes... i swear.

    good thing sharks has hair in front of his eyes. if i saw those gooogly things, i'd give him whatever.

  7. Oh that face... I would give him half my food! :) My pup gets several bites when making that face!

    and mailing pre-paid envelopes back, priceless!

  8. Bahaha I think I need to try that!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  9. YOU'RE A FREAKING GENIUS! I typically write all over the application about how I don't want their credit card so stop sending it to me! And it usually works after about the 20th time. I mostly like your idea more.

  10. Next time I get a letter from the credit card companies, totally doing'd be fun to put a naked picture of someone in there too, but that could be illegal...not sure.

  11. Credit Card companies, I'm so rich I don't need credit cards. I spit money. I'm also lying, a lot.

    And, you like ice cream? Since when?

  12. you do not do this! this is so awesome. seriously. I can just see you and the hubs now ... muah ha ha ha. and Yoshi. Looking at you two like, well, like he's doing in that picture. absolutely adore this.
    p.s. your posts are not coming up in my feeder anymore? ummm, I thought you were ignoring us. hmmm.

  13. Really funny post. I have never thought about doing that but what a wonderful idea!

  14. Bahahaha this is awesome! I never even thought to do that - pure genius ;)
    xo, Kathryn Laine.

  15. how funny. my puggle is a little piglet, i swear! always wanting to know what we're eating.

  16. This is...SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I get so many of those things. Just so ya know..this is positively the most awesome thing I've gained from my entire day...thanks!!

  17. LOVE your blog! i am new to the blogosphere and stumbled upon your blog somehow... anyway, the CC envelope joke is HYSTERICAL. thank you so much for sharing and making me a giggle. i am totally doing that in the very near future. cant wait to read more of what you have to say!
    ps - i have a puggle! i think our dogs would be buds ;)

  18. That is absolutely the best idea I've ever heard. We get those applications in the mail..ohhh about every day. I'm gonna send them all sorts of stuff! Maybe even some hand written letters!

  19. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkk.

    Two comments in one day? totally.

    Andrea, my ice cream brained blahwg friend, we shared a moment tonight and I am dying to let you know what we shared exactly. Mango flavored ice cream, I was a virgin to it. Life changing. life changing. Oh my heck.

  20. great post!



  21. Hahaha dogs really can be awesome at manipulation.


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