Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ask me anything.

What I wore: Jeans, Gap. Shirts, Forever 21. Shoes, Keds. Headband, too old to remember. 
So, here's what's up:
My Aunt, Uncle and cousins flew in just last night,
and I'm spending all day with them.
So today I thought perhaps it would be fun to field your questions 
(get it? Field...because I'm standing on a t-ball field? I'm hilarious).
Ask me anything you'd like.
(Just don't ask anything creepy, deal? Deal.)
I promise to answer every single question in a post coming very soon.
And there'd better be some amusing/amazing questions on here
when I get back or I'm going to be very disappointed in all of you.
Have a happy Wednesday! 


  1. I don't think I could ever pull off wearing a headband like that but it works for you!

    What are your favorite tv shows?

  2. WHEN are you getting Yoshi a friend?

  3. Love your shoes...I like how it kinda just ties it all in :)

    If you could go anywhere in the World, where would you go?

  4. As a fellow newlywed I get asked about when we're having kids all.the.time. That never gets old! Right?

    I won't ask you WHEN, but I will ask HOW MANY little ones do you want to have? And follow up, do you have a girl name and boy name already picked out?

  5. I love all of your outfits! Where do you get your inspiration for them?

  6. how much wood.. jk

    My question is: What was the hardest part about moving across the country? Do you think it was easier because you had your husband? What do you miss the most? (apart from family because that's the most obvious answer).


    oh man.

  8. Love this look! I love chambray anything!!!

    What is your favorite part about being a California girl?


  9. Every time you post a picture you always have the best hair. I need to know all your secrets. All of them. Please. Thanks.

  10. Once again, your hair!

    Also, I probably just haven't read back far enough but what are you studying and what is your novel about/for?

  11. No question, but I love that button down!

  12. The headband looks great! I should wear one once in a while.

  13. What skin care/hair care and makeup products do you use?

    Your skin and makeup look amAzing!

    I love your style and I absolutely agree that regardless of the 'trend' at the time, you should only wear it if you feel your fabulous self in it!


  14. Sorry, I have one more :)

    What brand were your wedding shoes, because the fabric is GORGEOUS!!!!

    Thank you so much!

  15. If you could plan your wedding over again, what would you change? Your style seems to have evolved into a bit more hippie-ish (LOVE btw) and trendy so I'm just curious... different venue? flowers? dress? hoping not groom!

  16. What were your thoughts behind starting a blog?
    Love the outfit and the headband. I am a big fan of headbands!

  17. What is the first thing you wash in the shower?

  18. Looking at my comment now, I realize that this question could fall into the "creepy" category...

    But I assure you I'm really just curious. It amazes me that some people don't head straight for the shampoo first!

  19. My husband has a degree is English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He is also dyslexic. I love your blog because it's inspiring to know others have taken a similar path into that major. I'm proud to tell people that he wants to be an author but more then not I get negative comments like, "What's he going to do to make you money?" And I want to punch them in the face. My question is what have been your struggles with writing and have you ever wanted to punch someone in the face for telling you you couldn't?

  20. If you could go on a date with any celebrity who would it be?

  21. You're so cute!! What's been the biggest hurdle in your marriage?

  22. If you had to wear one piece of clothing or accessory every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

  23. What is your favorite thing about living in LA!?

  24. You don't seem to have changed at all from your younger years. What do you think is your best and worst quality?

  25. you are funny! love the hair, and outfit! so cute!

    What is your most embarrassing moment! like ever. Not the one you tell because you dont really want to tell the MOST embarrassing.

  26. Cute outfit!
    What's your favorite curse word? :)

  27. If you were stuck on an island what book would you bring?

    And what's your fave color?


  28. ugh, im so behind on all of my blog reading!!
    i always play an "would you rather" question game with my bf when we're bored. i love when people answer silly questions, sooooo...
    if you could have one super power, what would it be?
    if you could go visit any place and time in human history, what would it be?
    only vacation one place for the rest of your life, or never able to visit the same place twice

    lol, thats all for now :)

  29. I found your joke hilarious:)

    I got a two part questions:
    1. when are you coming down to the OC next??
    2. Do you have any embarrassing pics since you always look so trendy?

  30. Have you had a hard time making friends since moving across the country?

  31. I love your blog you always look so cute my question is how do you maintain your weight any tips or secrets?

  32. What/where is all-time favorite place to shop?

  33. How do you take care of your hair??? Do you have thin or think/corse or fine hair?

  34. love this outfit! My question is what's your favorite summer activity/ date night?

    A Southern Drawl

  35. Amazing ! You look great ! Like your blog :)

  36. Woow these pictures are awesome and your Outfit is great!! I love your denim blouse and your hairaccessoire! Your hairs are stunning and you are such a pretty girl!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog


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