Monday, May 14, 2012

Downtown LA Artwalk.

Thursday night, we went to the Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk. It was our first trip downtown (I know, we've been here for over four months and we just now made it downtown?!) and our first trip to a food truck (except for Ryan, because he's a cheater-face and went for lunch at work the other day). It was also our first trip to Skid Row. We drove past the Los Angeles Mission right around 5:30 and the crowd of homeless men and women waiting to be served dinner was staggering. Coming from mid-Missouri, we're really unfamiliar with the idea of a homeless community. Even in St. Louis, we just didn't see the same level of poverty.
It's really sad to see, and at the same time it's intriguing. 
I'm sure every person standing in that food line had a past full of stories. 
Probably much more interesting stories than those in my own past.
I'm sure a lot of them have great talents, if they could just get up on their feet again. 
After driving around to get ourselves oriented within the area, we found the food trucks 
and checked out all the menus before deciding where to eat. 
I had a falafel bowl and Ryan got a gyro.
 Clearly we should have been born in Greece.
And then we ventured out into the Artwalk, which is essentially one night each month
when galleries stay open late and artists, designers and street performers showcase their work.  
I should mention that we're not really art connoisseurs. 
Ryan's an engineer, which tells you a lot, and I always find myself intimidated by art.
But I have the utmost respect for other people who are also trying to make it in creative fields, 
and I sometimes find writing inspiration in a good piece of artwork.
We didn't buy anything this time (I'm still wide-eyed over how much money
we spent eating out with our visitors over the past week) 
but it definitely made for a fun and interesting evening out. 
Two thumbs up! I'd do it again. 


  1. So. Much. Yum. Can't Handle.
    I wish I was born in Greece, too.
    Looks like a great weekend!
    x Jes,

  2. Looks like lots of fun! I'm obsessed with anything involving food trucks! :)

  3. - yum! and those cake pops (?) - double yum!

  4. Yup, writing is art. But it is art I understand...

    Food trucks = yum!

  5. Whenever I see homeless people, I always wonder about their back story. I mean, 90% weren't always homeless...they have parents, siblings, friends. It's so sad to think how easily someone's life could fall off-track.

    Your food looks delicious!

  6. pictures looked fabulous!!

    Our downtown area had Artistphere this past weekend, which is a lot of different art exhibits with lotsa good food. We didn't go...but I've been & it's loads of fun!

  7. You should know this, really it's important.. greek food slays me, I adore it.

    and now i'm fighting off jealousy.

  8. I love DTLA art walk! But the food trucks just might be one of my favorite parts of the night, too.. seeing them all lined up like that, it's like food truck heaven! Also have to agree with you about the homeless situation we have here.. it's always sad to see in Downtown (or anywhere, really) but it's interesting to think about what they've gone through. xo

  9. Looks like a blast!!


  10. oh my word. everything about this looks amazing. the food looks delish....!
    just found your blog today--love all the pics, and of course, the pup!

  11. you are so cute!!
    I love this blog!


  12. so so fun! I want all of that food. omg!! you are beautiful!

  13. im drolling with your falafel and gyro. and it looks like you had a great time with your trip.

    I frequented quote a few of those during my visit there, and that's probably what I miss most about LA.

  15. Wow it looks fantastic! I love your blog, is really great!
    Thanks for your comment and I'm following you now.
    I hope you'll visit my blog again soon and if you want to follow back it would be great!
    Have a lovely day xx

  16. wow it looks like you guys had a wonderful time. All of the photos tell so much. i love the sweets. The youth group at my church does an annualy trip to Skid row every year. The kids always come back changed and they share some amazing stories. my heart goes out to the homeless. We can't judge, we don't know the fullness of their story. BTW I looove the beautiful photo of you and your Mom. I do think you inherited you mom's sense of humor. you are very funny but I have a feeling you can be corny funny as well. :)

  17. AWW! Art Walks are so fun!

    We learned in Greece that gyros (I don't know about the falafal) aren't really Greek, they're like fake tourist food? We had no idea. In fact, all of the foods but "true" Greek food has similar tastes, so I'm certain you'd enjoy it :)

    Super fun date! You two are so dang cute!

  18. gorgeous photos! golly you're making me want to skip town. can't get over that GORGEOUS combo of the necklace & chambray shirt. it's divine, divine, divine. xo.

  19. sounds like a great time. I really want to go to a food truck one day. it is on my bucket list. I like that show the great food truck race. ever seen it?

  20. It looks like so much fun down there!!! I'm so jealous
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  21. I love the artwork pictures, and those candied apples look amazing:)

  22. i absolutely loved your comment...lit up my night! these pictures are such fun, makes me miss california. xx


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