Monday, April 23, 2012

Hoarders: The ice cream edition.

This is what our freezer looks like right now:

I love chocolate, peanut butter, candies, etc, but ice cream is my real weakness.
I think I can trace it back to our senior year of high school,
when a Dairy Queen opened in our hometown.
Ryan and I made a DQ run every single weekend.
Sometimes we went with friends, sometimes we went by ourselves and sat in the parking lot while we ate our ice cream, sometimes we took orders when we left my house and we returned with treats for the entire family.
I became obsessed.
In college, I had the business hours of all three local frozen custard places memorized.
One time, my favorite place had a BOGO special to kick off the start of summer and Ryan had to work all day, so I went alone and got TWO concretes for myself.
(one for now, one for later!...later, of course, being a few hours after I ate the first one)
I'll bet if someone ever added up the amount of money I've spent on ice cream,
it would total a horrifyingly embarrassing number.
In the thousands, for sure.
What am I getting at here?
I think I have a problem.
The first step is admitting to it. The second step? Eating it :)


  1. LOL - love the second step!!

    I'm soooo right there with you. Ice cream is my FAVORITE! It's amazing that I don't weigh 1,000 pounds as much as I consume it!

  2. I'm pretty sure I have the same problem. I blame mine on Braum's though! It's right on my way home from school and so easy to go through the drive-thru and treat my self to ice cream. :)

  3. Yes! I have this saaaaame problem. ;] swirl soft serve dipped in sprinkles will be the death of me. There's a little wall-up ice cream place a block from our new house and I'm either going to die from over eating or gain 8342 pounds. I couldnt go a week without ice cream. So I whole-heatedly agree with step 2!

  4. love icecream! & sorbet, & gelato...

    katie x

  5. I'd be so fat. but I wouldn't care.

    Your freezer looks like a good friend. Keep it that way.

  6. Omg, are we twins?! Girl I am ADDICTED to ice cream! Me and my boyfriend go on ice cream dates all the time! My addiction started as a child and I've never been able to get rid of it...I'm not looking forward to the day when my metabolism starts slowing down hahaha

  7. haha, this is so funny and yes I think the first step is admitting it hehe. Yum, your stash of ice cream does look delicious...


  8. that is the perfect freezer!! i used to have custard all the time. at least a few times a week. sadly, my metabolism caught up to me :(

  9. If that's what yalls freezer looks like I'm coming right over! Save the mud pie for me, I'll bring the toppings!

  10. I agree with the ice cream, especially with it getting refreshing!

    Also, I gave you the Liebster Blog award in my latest post because I LOVE your blog! Go check it out!

  11. Ha! Right there with you... although now that i live in a vegan house there are fewer opportunities for me to indulge in my ice cream weakness.

    p.s. loving your blog, so glad you stopped by mine :)

  12. the second step!!! And the fact that you had the business hours memorized. That is true love. And I'm right there with you. I wish my freezer looked like yours right now!

  13. That is so funny! I love ice cream too. Yum. Just a couple weeks ago we had 2 ice cream cakes from DQ and some delicious ice cream with Duff's (ace of cakes) cake in it.

  14. I am right there with you. My boyfriend thinks my obsession is nuts...I seriously want ice cream all the time. I'm thankful for the occasional times when he puts his foot down, cause otherwise I'd be 500 lbs. No joke.

  15. hahah that is exactly how my freezer looks right now! xo

  16. have you had DQ's frozen hot chocolate? mmmm.

  17. lol. Love this post. Your ice-cream obsession sounds identical to my brother and his girlfriends. DQ weekly. :)

    xo Ashley

  18. Yummy! We're coming over to your house! You have a super cute blog! We are your newest followers, stop by and check us out, hope you likey! Hehe!

    Sarah & Kristina

  19. seriously... ice creammmmmmmmm YUMMMM

  20. Our freezer often looks pretty similar. It's hard for us to pass up a good deal so whenever Breyer's (our favorite) is on sale, we STOCK UP.


  21. Hahaha love this post. I was eating Ben&Jerry's this weekend.. and I was asking the others who was in for a second turn.. and somehow nobody was in for it except for me.. Can you imagine? So I dug in deep haha.



  22. hahaha that picture is so funny, i had a DQ blizzard obsession last summer and i would get two adn freeze one for later too haha

  23. That is too funny! I have a DQ Mint Oreo Blizzard in my freezer right now. I'm trying to savor it, but I don't think it will last very long!

  24. I get a Banana Split Blizzard from DQ like twice a week! So yummy!
    and I <3 Morning Star burgers!

  25. I LOVE ice cream. Husband and I gave up sugar for a month (whyyyyy???) so I'm dying that I'm not eating some right now haha.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I'm your newest follower!


  26. omg...!!!!!!
    that is exactly what my freezer looks like!! lol
    i am obsesseddddd with ice-cream as you can even see on my blog name ;) haha
    I almost finish the whole quart ice-cream every late night :((( hahaha
    i think i have a problem too :(

    Pinkbow Icecream

  27. Hi, I just found your blog through Jenni at Story of my life. Saw you were missing frozen custard, you should check out Stricklands in Irvine. From what I can tell it won't be a far drive from where you are. I'm a SoCal resident as well. I'm allergic to ice cream (I know, it's heartbreaking), anyway, everyone raves about it, you should take a drive and check it out.

    good luck finding that Queso in Cali...I'd never heard of it till a good friend moved to Texas...we both think it's weird.


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