Sunday, April 22, 2012

Friday night fog.

For one of our New Year's resolutions, Ryan and I decided we wanted to commit
to a date night once every other week.
It might seem a little bit redundant since
when Ryan gets home from work, we're together in the apartment
until he leaves again the next morning.
We usually eat dinner together and talk about our day,
but it's not like we're glued at the hip all evening.
He likes to play uber nerdy computer games,
and I'm an evening TV junkie. 
So it's nice to plan dates that are exclusively reserved for quality time together.
Because we don't want to get into a boring old married people rut! 
The rules for date night are that we must take turns planning the dates,
and it must be designated a "date" before it happens.
It can be as simple as a movie marathon at home or a hike together,
or as extravagant as a night out at a fancy-pants restaurant,
which gives us an awesome opportunity to get to know all aspects of our new home city, too.
This week was my turn and Friday the weather was supposed to be amazing.
84 degrees and sunny. The perfect time to watch our first beach sunset, I thought.
On his way home from work, Ryan called me and verified that we were still going to the beach.
"Um, yeah, of course. Why?" 
"You know it's really foggy and gross right now, right?"
"What drugs are you on, man? It's sunny. I'm standing on our balcony right now," I said.
Well, he was right. Sunny at our apartment; dense fog at the beach two miles away.
So we I ate our fro-yo while we shivered under blankets and watched the waves try to come
attack our little picnic. And the sun went down, but it definitely wasn't the pretty sunset photo op I'd hoped for. And soon, because I'm the slowest eater on the face of the Earth, Ryan started taking monster-sized bites of the fro-yo to speed up the process, and eventually we just decided to abandon ship altogether. We grabbed the blankets and the fro-yo and ran to the car to thaw.
It wasn't the most perfect date in the world, but it was funny in its failure. 
And since when is life better when it's perfect? 


  1. Maybe it was a flop, but at least you both looked cute meanwhile. :) I think its sort of important to have 'little' failures together, that way you're more used to being happy and dealing with stuff when the 'bigger' stuff comes along.

    I love your lacy tunic thing too. :D

  2. Awe, but hey you Both look so CUTE! Happy Sunday :)


  3. The pictures are so lovely! I am glad that you had a fun evening. Even with the stupid weather!

  4. What a great idea! I feel like my husband and I just make an evening into a date night rather than thinking ahead to make it more special. I am going to have to steal this idea!

  5. these pictures are adorable! evan and i have date night every week EVEN THOUGH we spend the majority of our time together. it's nice to do something out of the norm.

    i love your nail polish, and i am now craving fro-yo. thank you.

  6. How Fun! It will be one of those times that you guys will always remember :)

  7. Found your blog through Two Smuppies. I might do another mug swap so stay tuned. Way too much in common to not be Google friends...fellow vegetarian. ;)

  8. I would still consider it perfection.. lucky girl.

  9. Super cute! At least you had good intentions!

  10. looks like you two made the most of it!! its nice you two try so hard to keep the fire alive!

  11. What a cute story.. and the photos are adorable! That's SoCal's bipolar weather for ya! But love that you two can still laugh about it xo

  12. I love date nights with my hubby. And those three pics at the end are amazing :)

  13. Aww, you guys are so cute with your fleece blanket! I also live at the beach (but in Jersey) and I have to deal with beach fog a lot!

    The Tiny Heart

  14. Such cute pictures! Date nights are the best. And I want your hair. Love the style and color!

  15. Such cute pictures! Date nights are the best. And I want your hair. Love the style and color!

  16. Aww, how cute are y'all!? Yes, I use the word y'all. :)

  17. It's a fun story to tell though! And date nights every other week is a great idea!

  18. I love this post. So cute and I love the pictures. You two are so adorable!

  19. your post explains why i want to leave near the beach and not up in the death heat we sometimes get in the area of LA i live. ugh!! and golden spoon that is bomb yogurt

  20. Thanks for the comment! You and your husband are so cute! Love the date night husband and I need to start that!

  21. how fun! date nights are the best :)

  22. haha... YAY for foggy and cold beaches!

  23. i so wish there was a golden spoon where i love! thank goodness for date nights. so adorable. xo

  24. Thanks for stoping by my little blog =) Love your writing! This post made me want to take my hubby on a date pronto. Have an amazing week =)

  25. Haha Just came from Golden Spoon!! Love that you are committed to your date nights! Sounds like despite the foggy cold weather you had a great date. But how could you not,its the beach! I miss living by one.

  26. You are both SO cute, and I love that despite it being cold you are eating some frozen yogurt and cuddling up on the beach! :) Love it!

  27. Oh how I miss Golden Spoon and SO. CAL! :)

  28. This pictures are so lovely :)


  30. Crazy pictures!Nice outfit!<3


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