Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Wish List.

There's less than TWO WEEKS left until my birthday!
I know what you're thinking, but don't worry...
you still have plenty of time to buy me the perfect present.
And the USPS must have really upped their game, because the package I sent
my brother a few weeks ago arrived in less than two days,
so shipping time is nothing to fret about, either.

My Birthday Wish List:

1. "The Man of my Dreams." by Curtis Sittenfeld. 
I love, love, love her books. Her writing style is just so direct and the emotions of her characters so poignant that I get sucked in immediately. 
2. Lavender nail polish.
Because I always need more nail polish. 
3. Express Aztec embellished sequin mini skirt. 
When All Saints came out with a skirt like this eons ago, I fell in love.
When I saw the price tag, I wept. 
When I saw the Express version, for considerably less moolah, I rejoiced.
4. Light pink/coral denim.
I think I could collect a whole rainbow of denim this season.
5. Tortoiseshell Ray-Ban sunglasses.
Not the REAL Ray-Bans though. I can not be trusted with a pair of sunglasses that expensive.
6. Harry Potter coffee mug.
The message changes when you pour hot liquid inside. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and I think I would smile all day long if I got to start my morning drinking out of this mug and pretending I go to Hogwarts. 
7. L*Space fringe bikini top.
My inner-hippie loves all things fringe.
8. Kensie Girl Galia color-block wedges.
I feel like these are the perfect blend of neon to neutral. 
9. Zumba workout DVD.
I've heard so many great things about Zumba and I've been dying to try it. 
But workout classes aren't really my thing...
I prefer to go it solo, in the comfort of my own living room,
partially so that I can schedule my own workout and partially because NO ONE needs to see me looking like a clumsy fool.
10. Mara Hoffman embroidered bikini.
Who says you can't want two swimsuits for your birthday, huh?
11. A massage.
My back is constantly bothering me. Professional massages are sooo wonderful. 
If only I could afford to go get them regularly. 
12. Pam Breeze-ly tunic.
Pretty, pretty colors!
13. Black pug puppy.
This is the part of the list where I make sad, puppy-dog eyes at Ryan.
14. Coral lipstick.
Because lipstick and I have become best friends recently.
15. Sunday Girl Lace collar necklace.
I like it. It's cool. 


  1. Pam Breezly tunic?! I want that soley for its name!

  2. my birthday is coming up too - I have had zero idea what to ask for... a massage will immediately be going on my list :)

  3. oooh i have that nail polish! oh wait, mine is lilac. same thing, right? haha. looooove that blue top!

  4. I think you definitely need the black pug puppy.
    Everything, really.. just throw out some puppy dog eyes to everyone who looks at your list.

  5. Totally diggin' your list and would have to say I would like all the above! I have no. 2 in my bag right now!
    xo, Jessica

  6. Hey hun! Thank you so much for your lovely comment & for following! I really appreciate it a lot! Following you back obviously :D!
    Love nr. 12 on your birthday wishlist! Need to get myself one of those, love the colors!!

    Love from the Netherlands,

    PS: And yes, I made the bags myself! I finished a Bachelor in Fashion Design last year, designing like crazy to get things going!! Nice to hear you like it!

  7. Your wish list is pretty much perfect. I just bought lavender nail polish recently and have fallen in love with it! Also definitely wishing for coral skinnies myself! xo

  8. love the lipstick and those sunglasses. What more does a girl need? :) (Except a puppy of course)

  9. Just found your blog and I looove it! So much fun :]

    Your birthday list makes me want to go shopping.. Happy soon to be birthday!

  10. Love all this! So glad to find your blog, can't wait to see more!

    xo, -Elizabeth

  11. Awesome list! I hope you will get all the things you wish for!

  12. You have good taste, ma'am. I would take #12, #8, and #13 any day. :D Good luck with the puppy dog eyes! I hope they work!

  13. I would take the black pug puppy! So lovely!

  14. I would take the black pug puppy! So lovely!

  15. I would take the black pug puppy! So lovely!

  16. I would take the black pug puppy! So lovely!

  17. I hope you get everything on your list!!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  18. I'll have the pug puppy & the bikini most definitely :) I love birthdays! Mine isn't until November, so I have to celebrate everyones birthday...makes me feel better :)

  19. Listen. I can't send ice cream. So I am out of ideas, your ideas don't count.

  20. Zumba in the privacy of your living room sounds like a plan to me! I've never done it either because I've seen me dance and it ain't pretty! I really don't need to be doing that publicly! Happy early birthday!

  21. Thanks for dropping by the blog and leaving a little love on the comment board:) A. Happy Early Birthday!!! B. Love the lace Sunday Girl collar. You must take pictures of the outfit you wear it with once you get it:))


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  24. NEEEED that coffee mug!! Actually, everything on your list is so cute, I think I need it all! haha

    I feel the same way about the Zumba classes, so I just looked up Zumba videos on youtube of actual classes and made a playlist of my favorite dances/songs. It is so fun, free(!!!) and I can do it in my living room!

  25. Zumba is so much fun! And if the rumors are true it burns up to 700 calories an hour. And I am obsessed with that coffee mug, I collect them and that is too cute.

  26. 7,8, 12, 14...Oh screw it. I want them all! I know this is your birthday list and all, but maybe we can share? Haha


  27. What an awesome birthday wishlist! That swimsuit? I die! The color and style is awesome! I just bought lavender polish (SpaRitual) and it was/is awesome and beautiful!

    Let the over excited, paranoid and awesome birthday countdown begin!

    Love, Kelly from Kelly was here

  28. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan too! I love that mug! Love your blog! Do you want to follow each other?

  29. get that fringe top!!! i have it! and its AMAZING!!!!!! def a must have this summer!

  30. Great finds, i am going to order that book, been looking for a good beach read and this looks great!

  31. that bikini top is adorable!! love it


  32. Wow, I guess our birthdays are pretty close together! Mine is May 1st =)

  33. The lace necklace is SO cute! Love.

  34. I think all of your choices are fabulous! I am LOVING those wedges!!!!

  35. i love counting down to birthdays! :)

  36. Great wish list, my favorites are number 2,3,6,7,12 :)

    Thank you lovely comment on my blog, I just followed you :) ♥

  37. look at your blog just growing at crazy rapid speeds!!!!! LOVE IT :) you are amazing and i love everything in this post. i want #4 and #13 and #8 and just give me one of each.

  38. i want the bikini!!!

  39. Love your pics! I would put a pug on my bday wish list too :)



  40. I'll take 4,5,7,15...Hell, I'll take them all! I hope that my fringe bikini I'm making turns out half as cute as that one!!

  41. love all of these! so cute!
    you have such great style!

  42. Oh and also I am a proud owner of a black pug and they are the best! My husband was never big on getting a pug and now him and Otto are BFF's

  43. I'm wearing lavender nail polish right now!!!

  44. I have Zumba for Wii and love it ("obsessed with it" may be more accurate). Much easier to shake it in the privacy of your own home!


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