Friday, March 30, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 22.
Shirt, AE. Skirt, Express. Vest, JCPenney. Shoes, Payless. 

  • Nearly all the jackets and hoodies I own are emblazoned with Mizzou logos, which was completely fine in Missouri, where they blended in like camouflage. But now, every time I go out wearing a Mizzou shirt I feel heads swiveling in my direction (paranoid much?). Yesterday at GOTR, several people even asked me what my shirt said. Really, guys, you don't even know what Mizzou is? Sad story.
  • Metal toilets in beach/park bathrooms. In 60-70 degree weather, those things are cold. Very cold. (I realize I've just revealed that I sit on the toilets in public restrooms. Go ahead - judge me.)
  • Yoshi peed on the corner of the new couch yesterday. He never goes to the bathroom in the house. So, I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning scrubbing the couch and carpet and deodorizing the entire living room. I wanted to dropkick the monster but I refrained because he's got such a cute face and I'm a softy.
  • I unearthed my Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred DVD the other day and I've decided Jillian's going to help me get into better shape for the summer. (I shouldn't be sharing this because now I can be held accountable for actually finishing all 30 days. Gah.)
  • While in Missouri, I had the pleasure of enjoying both queso dip AND frozen custard. Ah, the small things.
  • I'm so impressed with how strong Ryan's mom is. It's been just shy of two weeks since the accident and already she can walk over 100 feet with a walker! And I'm not just impressed with her physical strength, but her mental fortitude as well. In her place, I think I'd be likely to just want to lay in bed and mope but she's been so positive. Right now, she's tentatively scheduled to leave rehab on April 11th. Hopefully we'll find a way to make it back to visit her soon (or perhaps, if her recovery keeps chugging along like it has been, she can come visit us again and get in some walking and relaxation on the beach).
  • I would like to draw attention to the fact that this is the third skirt I've worn this week. Three in one week
  • It's almost April already?! Um, where was I during March? 


  1. those metal toilets are the DEVIL. my 4 year old has cried pretty much the same thing to me- too hot too cold! i friggin love the 30 day shred! go for it! and good luck to your mother in law!

  2. cute outfit, you have the cuttest shoes!

  3. My hubby brought me back a bright yellow Mizzou t-shirt from a conference he had there and its one of my favs! I proudly represent Mizzou in KY! :)

    Also, I'm so sorry to read about your family's accident. Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

  4. "I wanted to dropkick the monster but I refrained because he's got such a cute face and I'm a softy."

    Thanks for the update on Ryan's mom, becasue she does fill my thoughts now and then:)

  5. Woo hoo! You are going to LOVE the 30 day shred video! It's amazing how freakin' heavy 3 pound weights are :)

    Praying for Ryan's mom!

  6. Ha ha! You are so funny. Metal toilets. :)


  7. Hey hun thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Love your shirt by the way xx

  8. I love that shirt! And I'm loving your blog- just found it!

    Ask the Duplex

  9. Adorable!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog, dear.

    I have to say, I absolutely love yours. The outfit challenge seems like a great idea! Today's outfit is so precious, your legs look gorgeous in that skirt !

    Sad to hear that Yoshi peed on your couch. It has happened once at our place too, Nuppu was a bit ill at the time. :(
    You should definitely include Yoshi in your blog a bit more, I'd love to see some outfit pictures with him!

    Kisses !


  11. I love your blog!! Your pictures of the wedding are so beatiful!! xx

  12. I love those sandals!
    You're adorable!
    And your little puppy is darling! Loove pugs!



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