Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our weekend (in very few words).

My fingers fell off pushing the shutter button, editing, saving, uploading, copying and pasting these pictures. My fingers need a break. So, I'll let these photos (and their captions) tell the story themselves, while I go nosh on a snack and give myself a finger massage. 
Nom noms for lunch at The Veggie Grill. 
Hi, pretty houses. I can haz? 
Exploring El Segundo. 
This happens when Ryan has the camera. Lots of me, approaching with a disapproving look on my face.
Dog beach at Rancho Palos Verdes. 

Family love. 
This is totally how I make new friends too. 

Mean mommy. 

Hope you had a great weekend, too! 


  1. hahaha love the picture of puppy dog refusing to go in the water. hilarious.
    xx jes

  2. That food looks soo yummy, and I love your relaxed beachy hair!! So pretty! xo

  3. You've got a cute blog, I found you because someone pinned one I your outfits. Can I ask where you it your boyfriend capris? I've been looking for a relaxed pair just like that and I can't find the right ones!

  4. Man autocorrect really messed up some of those sentences!

  5. Hey, Andrea! My jeans are from Hollister. I bought them a couple years ago, so I'm not sure if they sell anything similar now...but hopefully that helps! :)

  6. Perfect weekend! The food, the beach, and those houses? Wowza!
    Your hair is amazzzzing!

  7. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I AM NOW FOLLOWING. I hope you can check mine out and FOLLOW: . Thank you so much for your time.



  8. What a great weekend - my puggle is deathly afraid of the water too. hahaha!

  9. Love your blog, I'm a new follower!! Great pictures - I love the beach ones!! :)

  10. Looks like an amazing spring weekend. I love the scarf in your hair!

  11. haha i love these pictures of your dog and the ocean. I want my dog to love the water but I have a feeling he will be like that too.


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