Friday, March 2, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 8. 
  • You know what I've been craving? Samoas girl scout cookies. Where's a girl scout when you need one?
  • I'm dying. This week, I developed a nasty throat ache that's been keeping me awake at night it hurts so bad. My theory is that this development is directly related to my no longer taking Airbourne with breakfast in the morning. That stuff works. It kept me cold-and-flu-free all winter. I guess my body's just not handling the transition off of it very well. But hey, that stuff is expensive and I can't take it forever. Suck it up, immune system.
  • I have a "wide-load complex" driving Pala around in this land of compact cars. The lanes just feel too small for her largeness. I drive in constant fear that I'm going to side-swipe someone.
  • Our bedroom is a pigsty. side of the bedroom is a pigsty. And I think I'm supposed to be cleaning it right now or I might be grounded this weekend. 
  • I got a new pillow! Now I don't have to lay on a lumpy, years old, too-long-for-my-pillowcase pile. 
  • Wednesday I was supposed to go produce shopping but I felt so wiped out by this throat ache/cold that what I did instead was spend all afternoon snuggling on the couch with Yoshi and drinking hot chocolate. So, after work Ryan went to pick up pizza for us THEN did the grocery shopping too. What a super-husband :)
  • The weather is a gorgeous 75 degrees today and it's only supposed to be prettier this weekend. Hellooo hiking and running! 
  • I think my face is improving. It's probably way too early to tell and I may be biased because of course it looks better now than it did a week ago when it was red and burnt. I'm trying not to jinx myself, but I've got a good feeling about this treatment plan. (Knock on wood)
  • I've already mentioned this but I GOT INTO AN MFA PROGRAM. It's worthy of mentioning twice, in my opinion. I'm very, very excited. 
  • People in Los Angeles create their own right turn lanes. Maybe it's like this other places too and I just never noticed, but it sort of freaks me out. I like driving smack dab in the middle of my lane, so I think I keep irritating people on accident at stoplights when I don't give them enough room on my right side to pull up to the intersection and turn. My apologies, Californians. I promise I'll try to remember. 


  1. i am pretty sure i crave samoa girl scout cookies year round, a good pillow is a necessity, and congratulations on getting into your program- that is super exciting!!! I love this "random, raves and rant" post. what a cute idea! xo

  2. love this post. i crave samoas so much i had my nieces who are girls scouts SHIP them to me from california to oregon!

    hope your throat feels better.

    also, people in LA are the worst of drivers. never apologize to them!

    can't wait to follow your blog. i am missing my california and know i can get my fix here now!

    xx jes

  3. cute outfit! love the forehead band


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